November 13, 2016

Craft Fair and Other Tidbits

My second leftie Kili drawing a picture of....
 ME! Stunning likeness, complete with glasses. He's standing right here pointing and saying, "That's you!" 
 We had our annual craft & gift fair. Mostly these are here for storage for our yearbook, but feel free to view.  That said, it was a tight squeeze as the school we use is getting a new floor and most items were already moved from the classrooms into the gym.

 Rubber band water bottles. Yes, very "cool".
This was my view as I sat in the recliner.  Just thought it was too nifty to pass up. I think it was the glow of our family angel. :D

November 7, 2016

Hiking at the Lake Park

 We went a couple weeks in October to a local park to go hiking.  These photos are from 3 different photographers in our house.

We ended the 2nd hiking trip with a trip to Pizza Ranch.