January 19, 2020

Permit, Dollhouse, Bowling, and More...

 We now wait until our kids are over 18 before they get their driver's permit. It's so simple (and much less expensive). They read/study the current motorist handbook and take the written test, practice driving, get their license. Voila.  Rosie took her test and at the counter to get her permit, the computer was down, so, we had to go back a couple days later. She got it just in time for a big snow storm. The next step is for me to get some courage to take yet another teen driver out on the road. 😆 We were really lucky with Samwise as  Grandpa took him driving, all we had to do was have a written letter giving him permission. (May he rest in Peace.)

 A lovely couple in California sent more doll house items to gussy up the dollhouse they had given a friend, who gave it to us to work on.  This elderly couple work together on this project, how cute is that?!

 With all the snow, the kids have been busy building a castle. (I hope it is melted before Galadriel's wedding reception!)

 This week we had a bowling field trip with homeschoolers.

 Merry won the 12:30 quiz question twice in one week. He received a book and a CD/DVD

 Just dusting. 😂

 Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


 It's been busy hunting for houses, apartments, duplexes, and cardboard boxes for the future married couples. 
Ok, so, we are busying trying to get things sorted and organized in our loft (homeschooling books are fruitful and multiply). Marigold ran across this strip of negatives and wanted to know what it was. 😁 I tried my best to explain what it was and the little canister of film, how it worked, and so on...... 😕😒 ..... I think this topic should wait until high school. 😂

January 12, 2020

Silent Movie and Other Things

Awesome ornament or what?
An altar!
(picture doesn't do justice)

A dog with a bullet, haha.

A carved duck from Frodo's carving days.

 My nieces were selling these at a craft fair.

A 2 peas in a pod ornament from a friend.
One is truly blessed to have a peapod friend in life.

 Went for a walk with Kili who insisted on bringing a machete. I'm not sure I'm keen on going for walks with a 6 year old with a swinging machete.

 Our Nativity set has grown pretty large.

 Snow fort

 I highly recommend an afternoon at Duck Soup Cinema. A friend had told me about it so I went with another friend to enjoy the show.

 To begin they have entertainers in the hallways. This lady above made balloons while the man below did magic tricks.

 our balloon ducks
we saw a couple of children with balloon guns and other things

 I never catch on to how these magic tricks work.

 The silent movie has a live organist! Normally the organ is the original organ of close to 100 years old but it is currently in a repair shop

 Before the movie a number of acts/entertainers were given the stage. Above was a senior in high school who has studied Indian dance. She did a fabulous job. Below was a set of 3 siblings (homeschooled!) who enjoy playing/singing/dancing to 1920/30's music. They were splendid!

 Then the O'Darby band played/sang some Irish/Scottish music. Another great routine.
 After intermission were 3 door prize drawings (every received a ticket on their way in for a chance to win). Great prizes including tickets to the opera, orchestra and more plus smaller enjoyable prizes.

I highly recommend attending this at least once, it was so fun... After all these acts was the actual silent movie on a very large screen with the live organist. It was thoroughly enjoyable.