June 26, 2022

7th Graduate


Got a blinkety-blank turkey on our way to our last choir practice

Yummy snack in one of the pottery bowls


Congrats to my niece and God daughter
on her High School graduation!

I love boxs

I agree!

making homemade bacon

A neighborly neighbor gave us a plethora of jalapenos. I made lots of poppers and froze them (used a homemade cheese ball recipe for the filling). SO GOOD!

Then I made candied jalapenos. TERRIFIC!!!

made about a quart and a half

Congrats to my nephew on his high school graduation.

My 7th homeschooling graduate!
Congrats Merry!!
7 down 5 to go

I think he looks a lot like his Uncle Mathew in the photo above

Pentecost Sunday this young lady played a few piece on the organ

Afterwards we celebrated our 3 grads.

A friend of mine decorates beautifully!

Later the same day we had a combo grad party
for Merry and my niece.

She got her own water bottle

a mantle piece Frodo built at a friend's house


The plan is to sell this baby.

Working on our TKD summer stars
go for a walk with a parent :)

Went to a Mallards baseball game as our TKD demo team was giving a demo but early as we were the demo team  was put out earlier. :( It was still fun, even in the rain. Pippin was less than impressed.

Bucket List Ice cream sundaes

Costco even had the perfect "kit"

We went hiking with Aragorn's family (well, 2 sibling families) in Argyle

Pippin got a kick out of it that this was "firewood"

The goat got his hoof caught in a hollowed out bone.

Not sure why?

Tornado warning/watch/whatever during TKD

hanging out in the bathrooms

On our way to Fort Wayne (love the odd sign)

Zoom meeting in Sweden with cousins and extended family.
Such fun!!!