December 27, 2006

Christmas Around the World

For Christmas our children and their cousins put on a show "Christmas Around the World". My very talented sister-in-law pulled together a beautiful show, writing up the script, working on costumes and buying/baking goodies. Each child was dressed as a saint representing a different country. They walked out and distributed goodies from the country to the audience (parents, aunts,uncles and grandparents). When they arrived at Baby Jesus they placed a gold heart with their name on it in the basket next to the manger.
Frodo represented England, St. Nicholas, Bishop
Galadriel represented Sweden, St. Lucia, Queen of Light. She was very proud of the crown she made out of an advent wreath kit.
Eowyn represented France, St. Clotilde, Queen
Our Nephews represented
Norway, St. Olaf, King and Knight and
Czechloslovakia, St. Wenceslaus, King and Knight
Rosie represented Colonial America, St. Katherine Drexel
Eleanor represented Ireland, St. Brigid, Queen. My neice in the background to the right represented Poland, St. Hedwig, Queen.
Our neices represented
Italy, St. Clare, Countess and
Scotland, St. Margaret, Princess
Merry represented Germany, St. Swithbert. Note Merry's leiderhosen, those were the very ones given to my sister Bridget and me from our Aunt Mag when we were tots! They are the real thing right from Germany, probably likely the first occasion we've had to wear them!
Samwise represented St. Isaac Jogues and Pippin was a little Indian Brave. Pippin's poncho was also compliments of Aunt Mag when I was a child! I think it was from South America somewhere.
When all the children knelt down in front of Baby Jesus the idea was they would all recite the poem "What can I give Him" followed by singing Silent Night.
What can I give Him poor as I am;
If I were a shepherd, I would give Him a lamb.
If I were a wise man, I would do my part.
But what can I give Him? I will give Him my heart.
Our plan is to use the stories that were recited in the background as they passed out their goodies for a school project next Advent.


  1. What a neat idea, I really like the costumes! The children seem just delighted. Good for you.

    Peace of Christ,
    Rebecca ~Mama to 7 under 9!

  2. This is incredible. What a wonderful idea!

  3. This looks wonderful. What a great idea and such great costumes!

  4. Wow! I am SO impressed!
    Beautifully done.

  5. It is something stunning!!!! You have such a wonderful family, Julie!!!! (Cecilia)

  6. What an incredible production - I love studying Christmas customs from around the world and this is sucha clever way to to this.

  7. What a neat idea! I will have to keep that in mind for the 9 and counting cousins in our family to do in the next couple of years! How fun!

  8. What a great way to show children the catholicity of the Church! They'll always remeber this Christmas.