November 21, 2017

You know....

You know you are addicted to mail-order when all in one day FedEX, SpeeDee Delivery, UPS, Budget, and the US Postal System all arrived at your house in one day.,... (and not one being a gift)... and I ran into our former UPS driver ... who has known us for .... ever... at Costco (another addiction)... 

November 19, 2017

Simple Pleasures

 Games at Grandma's

 Harvesting corn, which is at a low price so we'll just keep it this year instead of selling it.
 Frodo needed a new belt and Farm and Fleet is the place to get good ones that last.  I did not buy him the photo'd ratchet strap belts. 
 E week.  Our weeks seem to be more like 2 weeks rather than just 1.  Doing both letter weeks and state weeks ups our meal planning a whole lot. Having a plethora of home-grown meats in the freezer (duck, chicken, beef, and pork) lends itself to constant roasts and grilling outside (yes, year-around) but this way we have some more interesting meals. However... we did *not* opt for "Garbage Plate" for New York. Having grown up from the age of 7 into the tweens in New York, I wonder why we never had "Garbage Plate"?! 
  • Garbage plate - A dish that can often come across a bit overwhelming to our out-of-town visitors, the Garbage Plate is quite literally a mini mountain made up of heavenly flavors. A Rochester native dish, the Garbage Plate is unique in that everyone is able to customize their meal. Traditionally you'll find that the plate is made up of hamburger, chicken, sausages, eggs, grilled cheese, home fries, macaroni salad and so much more. The idea of this dish came about in the early 1900s during the Depression when everyone was trying to get more bang for their buck and has since been a local favorite.
I guess Frodo had garbage burrito last night. As we watched "True Grit", he came in with a burrito filled with beef, butter, jelly and sour cream and said we should have this more often. Incidentally, we did not have butter and jelly with our burritos... HE had butter and jelly with HIS burrito. Only a teenage boy... only a teenage boy.

Incidentally an awesome site to "eat through the states" is "only in your state".  Also "Eat Your Way Through the USA" is also a great "book". I have a copy on my computer from some guru on-line years ago, but it's also, apparently available in printed form (vs self-printed form). I digress...

 Our local Adoration Chapel, "Mary, Mother of God Adoration Chapel" has put in it's new stained glass windows!  They are GLORIOUS!  We are so blessed to have this little haven!  It's almost Perpetual Adoration, right next door to where Eowyn works. 

 Ladies of Divine Mercy meets once a month from September to April. It's such a lovely, lovely evening with Adoration and a talk as well as confessions and tea 'n treats. This month we had a Fr. Andy McAlpin speak and wow, it was really great. I'm a note taker (or I get distracted) so  couple little things to share...

  • we are meant to be a shining light to the world
  • Do I trust? (that is ... in God)
  • The decisive battle now makes sure the world does not overcome us.
  • Distractions (from our spiritual life) that keep us from running headlong toward our goal (love of Christ) are meant to discourage us by you-know-who-down-below
  • The bad that happens to us are meant to refine us, to teach us virtue (patience) and to give us opportunities of forgiveness. Let these things smooth out your edges.
  • Do you want to be a saint? Prayer and fasting.
  • Do we understand what Our Lord has done for us in His Death and in the Holy Eucharist?
  • Pray for those who persecute us (we pray our 4th decade of the Rosary for those who persecute us, for our enemies, and for those we have hurt - must love or we will not make it, trust me, this helps to forgive our enemies and to actually love them
  • Ask the angels to wake people up!
  • Jesus loves us so much and asks us to turn to Him and not be sidelined and turn away from Him
  • The only fear and anxiety we should have is sin.
  • The confessional is the Chapel of Mercy
  • What is happening in the world? The attack on marriage and family (don't we feel that!) and the attack on the priesthood
  • We need the priesthood as the priest brings GOD! (in the Eucharist and in Confession)
  • If they killed our Savior, what will they do to us? Look only upon our loving God
  • If we love, punishment is not ours, love God and one another.
  • What are you afraid of? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! (Perfect love casts out all fear)

 Blessed be God forever!

 Like me, Frodo would be "class clown"... if he had a class. I was trying to get some "Opening Hunting Day" photos but didn't succeed, but that is why he is wearing snow pants in the living room. That is not a hunting cap.  (that's the clown cap). It's hunting week so I'm sure when it is less rainy, cold and windy this week we'll get some actual photos.
 The 3 youngest went to a little birthday party for their cousin.
 Happy 8th Birthday Cousin I!

 That's a lot of candles on one cupcake!

 They made Advent calendars
 and tie blankets.

November 11, 2017

Swords Audition Tournament

 A little sword fighting and fencing.

 Frodo auditioned for the pit orchestra for Mary Poppins - and made it! Yay! This is just warming up.
He'll be busy in February and March with this one.  Show weekend is March 23, 24, and 25 (for the locals among us)
 Working on making an air exchanger.
 Playing cards with friends.
 Frodo went to another tournament, his first Class A tournament. Weird building on the way.  Looks like semi-truck backed piled up.  Bizarre.
 Welcome to Indiana
 (Andy) Griffith water tower
Do you say Griffitt or Griffith? :D

 Frodo was asked to judge! That was an exciting surprise as he hasn't gotten his judging chevron yet.  But a small little honor.

 Frodo exchanging a few words with one of our great black belts.
 X-treme form - 1st place
(video below)

 x-treme weapons - 1st place
(video below)

 Exchanging words with the judges.
He was given a spirit award for his great attitude.

 Traditional Form - 1st place
(video below)

 Traditional Weapons - 2nd place
(video below)

 Sparring - 1st place
(video ended up being divided up oops)
It was a great match. They tied at times-up.
Next points went to Frodo.

 First Injury, small bleeding slice to the forehead
Not sure exactly how that happened during sparring.

 He didn't want me taking a picture! :D

 getting bandaged

 competitor and new friend hamming it up!

 Combat Sparring - 1st place
(video below)
Another great match... and comical!

 We've met some great people at these tournaments!

5 Firsts, 1 Second, 1 Spirit Award and 1 cut to the forehead!

Hoping for a state champ this year, so far so good... 2 more tournaments to go before we find out in April if he wins a state champ....

Frodo's Xtreme Form - 1st place

Frodo's Xtreme Weapons - 1st place

A bit of goofing around with a competitor-friend.

Frodo's Form - 1st place

Frodo's Weapons - 2nd place

Those were a few of the bits and pieces of the sparring

Frodo Combat Sparring - 1st place
(awesome match!)

as a favor we recorded this young man's
competitions so his guardian who was competing
at the same time could watch later...
A competitor-friend's form
A competitor-friend's weapons