October 19, 2020

Taekwondo Belt Testing

Belt Testing - yes, with masks required. I think that should earn one 2 belt levels but alas, it was only 1. Red belt earned! That leaves me with (presuming I pass remaining belts) - red decided (red/gold) in December and red/black when I get to start training with black belts by about March. After that Candidate belt (red/black/gold) hoping for May-ish and setting my first degree black belt for August. That's moving fast but we'll see. 
Tiger belt test


Tiger purple/gold earned! And with this, Kili is moving up to the white/orange/yellow class. In December at his next belt test, he will test for whether he will go into orange, yellow, or camo belt. 

Rosie did a midterm (4 required to test for 2nd degree black belt). They started with an hour and a half run up and down this hill (you can't see the steepness from this vantage point, but it was steep... I did 2 laps which was more than plenty) on a blustery 40 degree morning. Rosie completed 11 laps plus they did some kicks and punches.

Guess this was from a Rocky movie. LOL! My spirit also cried stop!

The actual testing/mid-terming was divided into groups of 6.  They performed this ranking form, bo-staff section, and 3 rounds of sparring on heavy bags.

Come December we hope Bilbo and Poppy will earn their first degree belts and 4 will be mid-terming so we might have the mats to ourselves!

October 18, 2020

Miscellaneous Stuff


We were going out to eat with a friend but since Dane Co, has too many regulations, we opted to drive up to the Dells where things are much more relaxed. Only rule is to wear a mask while picking out ingredients. Not a bad idea since I was just somewhere where a child sneeze all over the food. Eww! Sure have missed Hu Hot!!

One never knows what one will find when you live in a house where they make mini-movies.

We had a hail storm. I will admit, it was the first time I ever tasted hail. 

Bible History craft project

They also made a delicious potato stew while studying Esau and Jacob

We had loads of crab apples this year. We've so far made 3 batches.

This picture shows our multi-tasking - juicing crab apples, making yogurt, putting in windows.... and bread making...

Joseph's coat of many colors... and many indeed. not sure if anyone would actually have made coats like these!

Harvesting the last of the brussels sprouts and other garden delights.
The pig was thrilled with the leftover bits!
The neighbos came over to shoot off rockets again. Great fun!

They even shot off an egg in a rocket. It came back whole and intact... Bilbo opted to fry it when he got back to the house.

Only a few of us like brussels sprouts. Marigold likes them raw, I like them roasted in the oven in olive oil with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar when they come out. Yum.