July 2, 2020

Quarantine Gardening

 Our 23 turkeys are growing like crazy. One wasn't wanting to get up  so Pippin put it on  an old trampoline we use for shade. It as not very sure about that experience. But it never had a problem standing on its leg again.
 The turkeys are so cute and fun. I get them to talk to me. Pretty soon the tom turkeys will start fluffing and showing off.
 The garden is doing very well... which is a first. I never have a good garden, usually chuck full of weeds. Maybe we should quarantine every year.... or not.
 Harvesting Kohlrabi, some bunching onions (scallions), beets, peppers (I've never gotten a pepper before), jalapenos.

 I cooked up the beets and beet greens and they were so good... but no one else thought so.  If you can get a beet not to taste like dirt, it's good! Like I said, no one else agreed...

 The basil is doing great. I can't wait to make/freeze pesto sauce.
 Looking forward to fresh cucumbers.
 FYI, 1 cabbage is way too large for 1 square foot  in a garden. I think 2 or 3 square feet is more accurate!
 Never had an eggplant plant get so big... I wonder if I'll actually get an eggplant.

 Surprisingly the garden looks decent.
 Bean tree

 lettuce and dill (why doesn't dill come into season the same time as cucumbers?!)
 What is the matter with my zucchini plant?! It's all wrinkly. I thought zucchinis were the most prolific, can never go wrong plant. Hm, Dr. Google says it needs potassium. I think I'll throw a banana out there?!

 We've been having chick nighmare. We ordered 100 meat birds and 12 hens to roam around (I don't like free-range chickens as I have free range children that I don't want to smell like free range chickens.... but we'll see what happens... anyway Madison post office called to say they had some chicks for us. Those 30 came just fine, no problems, thriving. Then the next morning the rest arrived in our town (chicks don't like to spend their first 2 days on the road). One came dead. Then slowly many started dying. We lost about 1/4 of them.  Then we moved them out into a pen in a shed and stupid, disgusting rats came and ate another 1/4 of them. We are still waiting for the 20 that were re-sent. Hoping they aren't arriving tomorrow as the post office is closed until after July 4th weekend. EEEK. And we end up with a case of dead chicks on Monday.
 Happy 16th birthday Merry!  
 Those were pretty unbecoming photos...It has been so hot and we almost forgot about his cake so we found cupcakes at the grocery store.
 Merry is a great milker of the cows (replaced Frodo when he moved out). Scored about 95% on his standardized tests this year. (don't be envious, not everyone scored that high LOL) He likes order and having his desk all in a row, playing chess, he's an excellent martial artist and hopes to make it to worlds this year.
 trying to find a good sewing machine since Galadriel is taking our good one with her (i am alright with her taking all the mending with her!) anyway sewing machines are back-ordered a month or two as they are all sold out to mask makers.
 Sooooo... we moved our chicks back on to the porch and built a bigger pen. I put baking soda in the bottom hoping to keep the smell down.
 Trying to test the pool water. It was crystal clear and then some child took a squirt gun, filled it with pond water and skillfully watched green water squirt into the pool. Groan.  It's graduated back to just cloudy now.
 The person who invented a hose that looks like a snake didn't have 6 boys.  Indeed one of my boys actually asked if at Galadriels wedding reception he could hook a wire to it and let it slither out from under one of the tables. 😂😒

At church Kili whispered to me he wanted to light a candle. Knowing boys tend towards enjoying fire I was a bit dubious. He then said he has a prayer to end coronavirus. How cute is that?! 
 New rules at taekwondo on the mats, we need to enter with masks on but we can remove them when we get to our training pod. We have a great school and are just grateful to be back on the mats... space is limited and we have to sign up.
 Aragorn setting off some Chinese Lanterns.

 I just really like these Vinca flowers. They are just so pretty.
 I cannot remember what these are and what they will become. I just know we planted some bulbs and this is what we have so far.
 We had an earth quake! Actually it was severe rain but it looks like an earthquake hit our hobbit garden.
 The bougainvillea plant is thriving and now has these tiny cute little flowers popping out. How do you pronounce "bougainvillea"?! Hm, English Major Google says

June 28, 2020

Post-Wedding and Father's Day

 Immediately after the wedding we had to set up for the 3rd party of the weekend. Gift opening and Father's Day picnic with my family who was still in town. I was up bright and early Sunday morning (as I always am up early) and got things rearranged.
 With all the gifts that arrived by mail/UPS/FedEX we thought there wouldn't be any gifts to open, but alas, the generosity of friends and family has no limits. Galadriel  and Celeborn had nothing left on their registry. It is always refreshing to be reminded how generous, kind, good, and loving so many people are.

 We gave my dad a talking Trump mug. LOLOL!!! 😂
 We found no one had put the cake away from the wedding but Eowyn found it. And no animals or insects had been at it either. I guess everyone and everything was exhausted from our wedding efforts!

 We then had a major take down of tables and chairs and loading up of many boxes of supplies.

 We gave away many of the flowers at the wedding reception but we still have a nice array of flowers to enjoy.

 We spend Sunday evening after my family left with a dear friend. When you are eating leftovers from a wedding reception and drinking fine wine, the wine is to be had in paper cups.

 By 10:00 am Monday morning tent, tables, chairs, and everything was gone.

 First thing was Galadriel's bed of 20 years was removed and disposed of and rearranging thoughts began.

Eleanor and I attended the funeral of a 24 year old cousin (born a month after Samwise) who was killed in a car accident. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sammy.  We visited with a very special family that day as well.

 Lunch with Eleanor at the Pine Cone Restaurant.
 That is one giant cookie.

then our chicks arrived. First batch we were called into Madison to pick up at the post office. The rest came to the local post office. The first batch came beautifully and all survived. The 2nd batch about 20 died. We were not able to do a local pick up due to corona messing things up and post office is a bad way to deliver baby chicks. No idea why I forgot to take photos of the chicks.
 Storms were a-comin' rollin' in after a lovely visit with dear, dear friends.

 Later we discovered the interesting white streaks in the rain was hail.

 When we went out to eat for our 25th wedding anniversary with friends/family (and family should always be friends) we saw the remains of the hail that hit a handful of miles away from our house.

 Really neat pictures Eleanor took of Merry while waiting for TKD classes on the mats.

 And the new abnormal begins.

We went over to Sam's place to help him with some cleaning. I gave him an appropriate house warming gift for the year 2020. 😂 I was highly amused, he was not. I crack me up!