July 15, 2018

Arizona, Indian Lake, First Belt Test

Aragorn's expertise was requested in Arizona ... he had some time to drive around.

Meanwhile back home, we went on a field trip with IHH to Indian Lake.
Up by the little chapel we said the Rosary

What a treasure to find.

Back in Arizona...

Meanwhile back at home, a local flower shop had a "name day giveaway" and a couple friends from our TKD school tagged me as this happened to be Julie and Arthur ... or was that Author? :D I was tickled.
Aragorn's flight home.

 The same day Aragorn got home was Eowyn, Marigold and my first belt test! Yes, I could no longer resist and had to try out Taekwondo. I really, really, really , REALLY enjoy it.

 Fitness test.  The idea is by the time you are a black belt you do 300 reps  (includes kicks, callesthenics, etc...) I had over 200 so I was really delighted. But I was winded and exhausted afterwards!

 We are now orange belts.
 Rosie, Eleanor, Merry, Pippin, Bilbo, and Poppy moved up into ranks as blue belts.

 Eleanor also received her leadership uniform.

In a year they should be able to start training with the black belts... :D