October 14, 2018

Civil War Weekend

While Aragorn took Frodo, Rosie, Merry and Pippin to a taekwondo tournament I took Bilbo and Kili to the Civil War Weekend at the Wade House (though we only went for a day)

 Horse-drawn carriage rides, the mode of transportation
 Civil War caps


 Outside the hospital were all the limbs and body parts that had to be removed during surgery.

 We caught the tail end of a surgery but planned to come back later


 Visiting the camps. People actually live here for the weekend in canvas tents

 Mini donuts.
 The boys found the place where kids could play their own civil war battles.

 Abraham Lincoln

 Music demonstration
 This is a jawbone instrument made from the jawbone of a donkey. A bone is slid over the teeth or it is shaken and makes a rattle sound.

 Big battle is about to being

At the hospital waiting for the injured

 Removing a bullet and a large sharp object

 This one wasn't going to make it so they called in the priest to give the last blessings

 Then the funeral man came to see if the person had paid to be shipped home (in which case he would be embalmed) or if he would just be buried locally.
 The token was found that he had paid and he was embalmed and ready to be shipped home to family.

 Then we walked over to the winter village.

Then over to the Wade House

 Blacksmith shop

 Over to the sawmill

 There was a very large exhibit of carriages

 This is the carriage of the Pabst Family. We had visited their mansion with our young ladies' choir a couple years ago.

Can't wait to go back next year, hoping to camp out for the weekend!  One day was simply not enough!