September 22, 2017


 We bought 2 bushels of apples "Baker's Mix" from a local orchard and made both apple sauce and jelly.
 For the applesauce we sliced them and put them in 2 nesco's.

 For jelly we put them in our juicer.
 We put the nesco's outside to roast for a couple/few hours. SOOO EASY.

 Meanwhile Kili is really into playing with this ol' castle from a friend of mine.
 After the applies were soft we ran them through the food mill and put them into jars to pressure cook them to seal the jars. And put some into freezer containers.
 Feeding chickens fun bits

 Oh. Yum. We ate probably 4 quarts for lunch that day.
 Meanwhile we moved from Maine (in our 4th grade study of states) to New Hampshire. Famous for Stonyfield Farm yogurt ....
 ... and maple syrup sundaes.
 Sorting and organizing music is what I do sometimes.  I can't bear to be inside on a lovely day so out it goes with me. Not sure why someone took a photo of me.... I did not request it.
 Still working on that duck shed.
 Our guano garden has lettuce and radishes.  It's great to be growing fresh stuff in September!  We have had snow in September.
Then some apples we made apple turnovers.  The boys ended up making them while I was picking up Eowyn from work. They were delicious!!

Little Amerricka THANKS!

 Thanks to a wonderful relative we were gifted with tickets to enjoy Little Amerricka.  We had a great time!

 I said I did NOT want to go on this thing.

 I get a kick out of the cemetery next to the amusement park.

 Kili had to reach his arm out to spin the propeller.