April 19, 2018

Snow and Other Things

 The cows wanted a romp through the snow (Part I - April Storm)
 We're really not into "earth day" (whatever that means) but we are into celebrating for a $2 sundae...
 We have the fun Culver's, and these photos are just reminders to take advantage haha! We can definitely spare a few books out of our barrage of them.
 Eowyn hopes to pass her driving test in May so she has a new pair of wheels, actually it's 2 pairs of wheels.  Naturally everyone had to check it out. Galadriel wanted to find the spare tire... ???

 Decided to do my grocery shopping early before the storm - Part II - April storm - April 18th. We go out just as it started doing this.
 I'm not sure if sledding down this embankment is really allowed, but it was being done and if the kids are quiet.... and outside....

 I got a big kick watching this chicken trying to romp through the snow. He had a really funny walk but soon as I tried to video tape it stopped and would not budge. Really!
 They thought this was a really good idea. I said, "Do you think this is a good idea? You could hit these concrete blocks."  In reply Bilbo said, "Oh we already did that." I was glad to know they were hitting the concrete safely at least... just didn't want the concrete damaged before we got to use it. *chuckle*
 I really like snow... and it's a good thing. And for the record, we do not live in the Arctic.
 April Angels
 Oh... yum... but it IS fresh.
 Walking in a Winter Wonderland (go ahead, start singing, I did)
 And Merry decided it was a lovely day for a bike ride.
We ended up with 9 inches of snow. NINE on April 18th.
 Blessed Mother statue with snow cape and cap.

 Aragorn had to drive quite the distance in this lovely weather.
 Snow! Glorious snow! (to the tune of "Food, glorious food" from Oliver Twist)
The lambs are 2 years weeks old today so they get to start on hay and water in addition to their bottles.  I decided to move them to the porch. That way they can just wear the belly bands around their middles and skip the double diaperinger since it is easy to clean up after them. They are eating every 6 hours (4 times a day) 10, 4, 10, 4 (or whenever I get up). Teddy bits (nips) and Vinny is trying to be cool and nip, too.  Any tips on nipping lambs?  It's really annoying!!!

April 15, 2018

Sunshine Lambs Flips and More

 Just when we thought the weather was going glorious.
 They won't be fitting in one of these for long.
 When we thought it was spring the lambs enjoyed some time outside romping about.
 Teddy (black) and Vinny (brown)

 The chickens and roosters came over to see the lambs and show off a little.
 Or at least until I pulled out the phone to capture it on film.. which isn't actually film any more... ok, capture it on digital magic.

 Who in the world or in even a remote state of "right mind" would buy toys with this name?  Bathroom humor has gotten entirely out of hand.  Loathe it. Loathe it. Loathe it. Just really don't find it funny.  But really?! toys, too?!  And over 36 to collect.  Bizarro.  When I first saw a brown swirly pillow with emoji eyes and a smile I seriously thought it was ice cream.  I learned later it was not chocolate ice cream. I think I might have been a happier person should I have been born 100 years ago!
 This fool contraption is for shedding the egg shells off hard boiled eggs... but nothing works exceptionally well for farm fresh eggs, there is always a little more getting stuck involved.

 At hyper class this past Friday our TKD school had a special guest, 10 times world champ in xtreme martial arts, Mr. Max van Eck.  ATA seems to produce some really nice martial artists who are friendly and just want to make something good in the world today.
 Naturally Frodo participated.

 In this part, the participants made a large circle and someone went into the middle to show off some of their xtreme martial arts attempts.

 Afterwards those who are currently holding state champ titles were chosen to practice flipping on the special mat which is blown up for such antics.

 Frodo did his first full (I think it is called) but of course I didn't know it was something special since everything in hyper is kind of upside down but I could tell by the open jaw of our instructor/owner of our school that he did something pretty nifty for the first time.

 The next day Mr. Max van Eck held a seminar on x-treme martial arts in which... need I say... Frodo participated and had a great time.

 Mr. Max van Eck (in red) with our instructor/owner (black jacket, gray pants) Mr. Moh, a world champ from our school (gray shirt) and his young son who is no doubt on his way to being a world champ and Frodo's good friend Jake.
 Max and Jake
 Frodo and Max
 The 3 boys discussing... whatever flippers discuss.

 Meanwhile it rained, sleeted, hailed, snowed and sanded down any kind of precipitation you have ever heard of... all at the same time. 
 IT took a little longer than usual to get ourselves to Mass, driving 3-4WD vehicles.
That morning friends of ours' daughter received if First Holy Communion. I got a wee chuckle out of taking this picture while the snow flew!

Hyper flipping time with Max van Eck

Flipping with Max and Jake...
or at least until the phone cut out!