August 20, 2017

TKD Demo Team Tryouts

 Our Taekwondo school will be hosting a Tournament in January, so, that means the starting of a demo team. The team will give a demonstration before the tournament begins. Very exciting and a very tough thing to get into.
 They started with calisthenics... of course...
 Then the 2 top notches (awesome boys of 18, so grateful to know them) gave a demo.

 The kids had to learn a new form that they had never seen before as quickly and well as possible in the short amount of time. Here are 9 of the kids "performing it" I was really truly amazed. I was lost from the get-go, but these kids are so well trained in this school that they picked it up very well.
 It was truly delightful to watch. I posted a video below of the form.
 Then each person who tried out was given the opportunity to wow their instructor, other kids and the parents.  Once I get that video I'll update it. Frodo said he forgot everything he was going to do so just made something up. As the joke goes, "That was bad"... it really wasn't with all those twists turns and up-side-downsies... but we are our own worst critics.

Pretty neat! Great job kiddos!
We are anxiously awaiting the results....

Retreat, Friends and Chickens

 The 3 oldest heading off to a retreat with the Institute of Christ the King, Sursum Corda. They had a wonderful retreat as well as time to enjoy the camaraderie of other young adults.
 We had some friends over and discovered twinkies when we went to swim. :D
 Nothing more thrilling than milking a cow for the first time :D
 Poppy's turn to go with me. This time we were heading over to a friend's house to pick up a 1/2 bushel of peaches. Rosie made the best peach cobbler.
 We rode the ferry which is always an adventure.

 Our parish had it's "Family Fun Fest" which we enjoyed.  We even won a ridiculous yet grateful 4 times in the raffle.  Figured that was my "booklet making money" for the up and coming High Masses. Aragorn and I will also enjoy a dinner out.

 I had ordered eclipse glasses months ago (yes, I'm overboard in prep time). Two, weeks before the upcoming eclipse I get an email saying they aren't sure they are up to code (ISO and certified didn't mean anything I guess).  So I scrambled to find some. I ended up having to buy 10 pair which of course were much more expensive than the initial shot. And was also able to secure 2 from the library.
 Found that the same said library also had a chess club. The 3 boys really enjoyed it.
 Blissful baby of a friend of ours.
 Just testing out my new phone. Long story short our DSL has been terrible.  Need to make some switcharoos for cell phones to use hotspots instead.
 Ever reading and writing.
 Ya know... really?  When a cow is down why is that free license to become dudes of the dung?

 Ok, not a needed item but too cute.  "Special Forces" is also the name of our spiritual warriors.  Like the combat rosary?

 Not a fan of skulls but let's think of him as just a lean man in the trenches.
 Marigold wanted you to see her pig tail, for some reason.
 Last photo of our chickens before it was butchering time. Here they stand wondering where all the food is. (we take it away the day before so their gizzards or whatever aren't full of food.

 Prepping barrels

 Prepping bags for sealing
 Chief Head Remover
 Some chickens were so irate when their heads were removed that they literally jumped right out of the headless holders.

 Chicken chasers


 Chicken Plucker... a life saver.... thank you wonderful south neighbors.
Not to be confused with our wonderful north neighbors.
 What better background for a photo shoot than in front of the plucking table.
 I thought this was so cute. Kili (with polo shirt on backwards) with his arm resting on his sister's shoulder... while plucking chickens (we aren't romantic). Then the conversation when like this, "Get your dirty hand off me!"
Rosie felt the need to give Kili a hand.