December 16, 2018

Choir Soiree December 8, 2018

We have had an annual trip out with our Young Ladies' Choir for several years now.  This year was totally amazingly awesome... thanks to the generosity of our choir mistress. 
This year a couple of people pitched in to get a school bus for us to rent. The brother of some of the choirlings happens to drive buses for a living. It was alot of fun and including singing and much delightful conversation.

Since it was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception we first attending Mass at St. Mary's Oratory where the choir was glorious! 

The we went over to a local "old world" style place for a Victorian Christmas.
A few boys subbed in for a few of the girls who were unable to make it that day. They were equally as delighted with the day.

Did you know sock monkeys originated in Rockford, IL? Neither did I, until this day.

The doll house exhibit! A whole house of doll houses. It was amazing, so amazing I went in twice. I must bring my Friend G here some day!

The 2nd City Choir was great!

Horse drawn carriage rides!

Eowyn sleeping in jail

Loved the ride!

Approaching our next destination "Medieval Times"

Medieval Weaponry

Viewing the horses

A chair I would not like to sit on. It sat outside the Museum of Torture Devices.  I chose to go in this part of the Museum because it shows some of what the martyrs suffered.  Only about half of us went in.

First sight was of Gandalf's cage :D

Here is the Rack (Come Rack, Come Rope!)

I had intended to dress up but alas, running around crazy beforehand made things difficult. But our choir mistress went all out!

And the show begins................

No utensils. Sipping "dragon's blood" tomato soup

A delicious chicken complete with no utensils.

 The horses were beautiful and glorious and the riding was great.

A very blessed day! THANK YOU!!!