August 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Galadriel - Friends and Family

Good bye and God bless Simeon!


I met a good friend of mine for lunch during her break at the UW carts. It was so much fun!
We were just outside the new St. Paul's.
We had avocado spring rolls (and I also had a smoothie), they were soooo good. Biggest spring roll I ever ate. Oh. Yum.

Of course the conversation was the best part, my how we can laugh.

Then she took me over to St. Paul's for a tour.

I'd really like a little nook like this.

Then she took me up to her office, nice view out her office window. A constant reminder with Christ in the Blessed Sacrament right there!

Impromptu duck butchering.

On Galadriel's birthday the long awaited books arrived.... at least that is the day we found the books on the porch...
There is much drama in opening a box of books around here.

Galadriel and Eowyn bought this huge set.
Happy 21st Birthday, Galadriel!!!
Marigold broke out in some kind of rash/hives after we returned from NY. 

Pool time relaxation before a tournament

Then we went to find the place where the tournament was, there is always something odd or interesting about parking or where to find the place. so we always scope it out beforehand.

Then we went to Red Robin for dinner.

There is a limit how many root beer floats one can drink in a single sitting.

Frodo now has to spend some time judging.

Quad Cities Tournament
Pippin - 1st in weapons, combat and sparring, 4th in forms
Rosie - 1st in combat, 2nd in forms, 3rd in sparring
Frodo -1st in Xma form, creative form, combat, 2nd in forms, 3rd in sparring
Merry - 1st in forms, sparring, and combat
Time to freeze corn! Our recipe is very simple:
300 ears of raw corn (shucked, of course)
3 c sugar
2 c salt
mix, let sit, put in quart ziplocs.
Visiting with family is one of our favorite pastimes. 

Just driving and watching the fog rolling in...

A visit to Urgent Care. Sore throat and epiglottis showing, it was creepy, something I never saw before. Since we got there at 10:29 we paid $30 vs $75 (ER). And since it was 10:29, they were not humored by our visit and didn't really care, so that's that.