August 27, 2017

Field and Camping Trip Day 2

 Nice warm tea and/or cocoa to warm us up in the morning.
 For breakfast we had sausage, fresh bacon (from our pigs), eggs and whatever else.

 Kili slept and slept
 Ready for a hike when we ran into a play area. I don't think my kids will ever outgrow these. Just the boys and the little girls went with us for the hike as the big girls had much to talk about since they didn't have enough time in the night...!

 Anyone know what this plant it? There was a lot of it and every leaf was perfect. Bug don't like it, that's clear enough.


 This cave was really neat with all the colored sand.

 The sand was several different colors, pink, coral, orange and some whiter stuff.

 Orange legs

 shelf mushroom
 Wisconsin has the most animal shaped Indian mounds in the world... so they claim. I had never heard of that until this day.

 After we were all packed we enjoyed a little more of the Wyalusing scenery.

 Next we went on to Stonefield.  Carriages.
 An old carriage hearse

 We simply didn't allow enough time to cover everything.  Website states 2-1/2 hours, we could have easily spent 4 or more.

 Ok, gross.  The toilet in the old caboose had no holding tank...!!!  I'd guess no one one would really want to live near a train track...

 The sign says the end of the train is a hobo camp.

 What's not to love about an old fashioned school house?!

 Enjoying the saloon.

 Kili thought he could really sell me some items...

 Being that we just watched 2 versions of Helen Keller, I could only thinkg, "Wa-wa"

 This shovel was carved entirely out of 1 piece of wood... and it was large!
 I had no idea Heinz ketchup was so old!

 My friend and I went to tour the Nelson Dewey home.   A rather depressing tale, made me think of Jane Eyre.

 The house burned only a handful of years after he built it.
 Definitely not the luxurious home as Villa Louis is.

Dumb Waiter 
 No joke, this building is a smoke house & privy. Would you, really??!

 This is the ice house complete with servant quarters.

The place had closed before we got back and when we did it was plain as day that everyone was exhausted!

The End