August 21, 2017

Hiking Blue Mounds and a New Calf

 Oooohhhh.... squeeeeeeel.... our newest nephew and God son.  Isn't he darling?!
 With our God son.
 Poor wee man was jostled all day long so we all had the pleasure of holding him.

 We went hiking at a lovely state park, Blue Mounds.

 Wow, that is quite a HUGE anthill.
 Cousins of the best friend kind

 War of the Anything-that-sticks-to-a-t-shirt

 We've got a little theme of baby hogging going on here.
 It was just before here that we ran into a LOVELY young couple from our large homeschooling group.  What are the chances of such a delightful meeting out in the middle of nowhere atop a hill?  God-incidence.

 Just for my sake a picture of the new shelter at Indian Lake (where our small homeschooling group often has had a year end Rosary Walk.

 When we got home we learned we had a new calf from the mom who was down just a few days ago. Isn't she adorable?! She's just like her mom, a people person cow or a cow who thinks she's a person.

 The mom isn't doing too well. She's the cow that Frodo brought back to life a year or two ago.
 He milk the mom best he could to give the baby some collostrum milk.

 Bag o' bone mother cow

 The calf on the other hand is as frisky as ever. I think I'll call her Frisky, though she may get a different name ...

Seems this could be HeeHaw junior

August 20, 2017

TKD Demo Team Tryouts

 Our Taekwondo school will be hosting a Tournament in January, so, that means the starting of a demo team. The team will give a demonstration before the tournament begins. Very exciting and a very tough thing to get into.
 They started with calisthenics... of course...
 Then the 2 top notches (awesome boys of 18, so grateful to know them) gave a demo.

 The kids had to learn a new form that they had never seen before as quickly and well as possible in the short amount of time. Here are 9 of the kids "performing it" I was really truly amazed. I was lost from the get-go, but these kids are so well trained in this school that they picked it up very well.
 It was truly delightful to watch. I posted a video below of the form.
 Then each person who tried out was given the opportunity to wow their instructor, other kids and the parents.  Once I get that video I'll update it. Frodo said he forgot everything he was going to do so just made something up. As the joke goes, "That was bad"... it really wasn't with all those twists turns and up-side-downsies... but we are our own worst critics.

Pretty neat! Great job kiddos!
We are anxiously awaiting the results....