September 29, 2019

Feast of St. Michael the Archangel - September 29

Not only do I love St. Michael, I also love artwork, so couldn't just pick one!

 Quis Ut Deus - Who is like God.

 The weighing of souls at the particular judgment. 
It's a good idea to buddy up with St. Michael!

 Woo hoo! I won!


Life, Field Trip and a Tournament Sept 22-28

 A little post-fishing romance

 Love these Tigers!!

 A visit to the dentist for Poppy with disappointing results. At least she gets a prize out of the prize box 😋

 A visit to the dentist for Marigold (love the rubber boots! 😂) with favorable results.
 We went on a hiking field trip. I missed the golden opportunity for a photo of my boys doing middle stances on the tracks.

 Hard to believe but there are kids peppered all over this rocky climbing place.

 Afterwards we went to an orchard for some apples, donuts, cider and caramel apples.

This looks like alot of fun!

 We took the ferry home.

 More studies at Catechesis.
I'm still learning alot!

 Girton's Libertyville Tournament

 It's wonderful to make new friends at tournaments. There are alot of great people out there!

 Merry: 1st in forms, sparring, and combat
Pippin: 1st in sparring and combat, 2nd weapons, 3rd forms
Aragorn's Wife: 1st forms and sparring, 2nd combat and weapons

Pippin Kili was busy drawing a castle and fight scene on the white board for his cousin's up-coming birthday. There was much detail including x's on the eyes 😂 The tall thing is a balloon.

September 22, 2019

Just Stuff and Butcher - Sept 20-21


 We had a very generous gift card for Skyzone so we went. I told Frodo he was lucky he didn't have to dress up as a fish (or something) at Go Ninja! 😂

 A chalkboard the girls made for a friend's fall board.

**** WARNING **** Not for the faint of heart.

 Now this is romance at its finest!

 Some find this too gross to participate and making a chore chart would be more fun.

 chickens on the rocks

 Afterwards we had some accordion time.

 Relieving a sore neck.

Kili ninja warrior with nun chucks, freestyle 💓😁