March 30, 2019

Happy Birthdays, Lots of Water, St. Maximillian, Swans

 Spring's a'comin' and so's the floodin'

 Beware of the ninja with a sword
 Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, WI just surpassed.

 Be you didn't know Whoville had it's very own semi.

 Flooding in the town closest to us was phenomenal, but since one of my sister's lived in New Orleans at the time of Katrina, I can hardly talk about a little flooding and new lakes now can I? :D

 This cracked me up, a bridge surrounded by water.
 Lodi doing a news release on the flooding. I did hear, though, that Susie the Duck (*rolling eyes*) laid a few eggs again this year.
 Nope, can't go home that way.
 When the boys heard it was flooded at the end of our road they, of course, had to go drive through it. What's up with that?!
 Stream's a roarin'

 I get home to find the kids trying to re-route the water at the end of our driveway.
 Then the ceiling started to leak on to Frodo's state champ uniform (that had the whole rainbow of state champs on it). Thankfully with a little (lot!) of Oxy-whitner and some bluing it came out good as gold... well, white as fresh snow before children stomp on it.

 Weather was confusing, ice, snow, melting, warm (ok it was 60)

 Yeah, rather deep ruts on the driveway!

 With that much water wouldn't you get out a kayak... ok, probably not, probably just something Frodo would do.

 Just as I was about to get a great photo it started to pour and I couldn't get my phone back on to take a close up photos, but as you can see Frodo indeed did start kayaking down the new river. He used the shovel as a paddle...

 New arrangement of candles at Adoration.
 We got 3 free chocolate cream pies for Pi Day 3.14. Since it was lent we had to rearrange our lenten sacrifices but there are so many more important sacrifices we need to do around here that it was not difficult to come up with something.

 I went on a glorious silent retreat. Before it began I went down to the shrine to St. Maximillian Kolbe.
 Halt, wait, must take pictures of all the nun dolls! I love dolls as it is, and nun dolls are fascinating.

 Suffering at Auschwitz, even children.

 St. Maximillian Kolbe gave his life for another.

 Cross scratched on the wall of one of the cells in Auschwitz

 A funny sign on my way home "Ivanhoe no town drunk, we take turns" HAHA!!!
 I came to a conclusion that when any of the children go into crisis mode that really they are just asking for a selfie photo shoot. (I'm not a selfie fan as they rarely look nice, however, I have to say there are people who have perfected their selfie image)
Hm... what a bad photo. The full moon was huge and bright orange and reflecting on one of the new "lakes" and it was beautiful. This is not. 
 The kids gave Aragorn a HUGE gummy bear and HUGE gummy worm.

 Yeah. HUGE gummy worm. Surprisingly they didn't taste as bad as they look.

 Samwise has been busy making maple syrup. He even made a quart of amazing maple sugar!
 Happy Birthday Aragorn and Pippin! They share the day!
 Angel Food cake (I LOVE angel food cake) and eclair cake (also very yummy)

 Another picture on the cow when we went for some bookit pizza.
 The swans are back!!
 This week in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd the kids worked with a relief of Jerusalem and followed the Holy Week "events.

 The good samaritan

 Kili labeling his map of Israel

The swans are so lovely. So as a duck's size is to a goose, a goose's size is to a swan. They are so big!