March 31, 2018

Holy Week Activities

46 degrees, off come the shoes and jacket?!
  This Holy Week has been a lovely week, gorgeous weather so several received bikes for their Easter gifts a little early so they could use them while they were on break from school.  It's a good thing as Easter Week is suppose to bring some 8 inches of snow and very cold and windy weather.  Really?!
 Kili got his first bike with training wheels
 Actually, I guess Marigold did, too.
 Poppy picked hers out.
 Frodo's truck has been re-made with "Jeep-er" parts. (the gas cap was cheaper buying a jeep one than another other brand).  I was surprised how well it turned out.
 Sap Season.  Sam is our sap maker. So far he has done 25 (???) quarts. He taps the trees fits in rubber tubing which goes into buckets. He then stores it in this gigundo cage things.
 He hasn't quite gotten the hang of how to ride this year and has taken many tumbles.

 Here is our beautiful Altar of Repose.

 After Mass was the Procession to the Altar of Repose with the extra Hosts consecrated for Good Friday.

 Stripping of the altars.

We saw this very strange sight on our way home from Mass.
 Unfortunately the person on the left bent over, she had antlers on her bike helmet. Not sure what the buckets are for, perhaps they were collecting sap :D


 Priest lies prostrate in humility

 Unveiling of the Cross

 Veneration of the Cross
 Veneration of the Cross by our priest.

 Going to the Altar of Repose for Holy Communion Procession

 Some of the TKDers participated in an in-school tournament. They did pretty well in their catagories:
Sam - Sparring 3rd, Combat 2nd
Frodo - Form 1st, Sparring 1st, Weapons 2nd, Creative forms 1st, creative weapons 2nd, xtreme form 1st, xtreme weapon 1st
Rosie - forms 2nd, sparring 3rd, combat 2nd
Merry -forms 1st, weapons 1st, sparring 1st, combat 3rd
Pippin - sparring 1st, combat 1st, weapons 2nd
Bilbo - form and sparring tied for 3rd but lost the rematch (4th)


 Pippin sparring
 Bilbo Sparring

 Awesome job Bilbo! To compete is to win! He had a very tough competition as I think everyone else was several ranks above him.
 Awesome job Pippin! Also tough competition. A woman came up to us before hand and said her son has talking nothing but how he wants to beat Pippin in sparring.  They had some great matches! But Pippin won! What a highly rated compliment!


 Merry sparring

 Awesome job Merry!


 Rosie doesn't care much for sparring but it's (s)par for the course (haha)

 I believe she prefers to hit with sticks, combat sparring

 Brava girl!

 Frodo flying through the air

 Sam sparring

 Note to self: make sure Frodo eats before he competes!
 Who else?

 I really need a really highspeed phone!

 Awesome job Sam!
 Awesome job Frodo!

 Frodo thought this would be a good time for a senior picture???!!! We won't be using this sweaty picture!
 We got home and the girls were doing hair

 My new banner arrived! It's GORGEOUS!!!