June 19, 2016

Congratulations Eowyn on your Graduation

 Graduation Picture
(scanner added in a mole!!)

 May 27, 2016
Holy Family Homeschoolers Graduation Mass & Ceremony

 Graduation Party - June 12, 2016
 Galadriel spent a couple weeks baking cookies: Monster Cookies, Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip, Molasses, & Oatmeal
 Taco bar, plus Texas Caviar, Watermelon, potato salad, veggies & dip. Drinks included Root beer, water, juice boxes & lemonade

 One couple brought a priest with them. He gave a talk, to those who were able to listen. I wasn't since I was playing Martha for the day.

 I was sure I had taken a picture of friends of ours, but the picture somehow didn't turn out.  But you can watch their "Dear Joseph" which partially took place here.  I was delighted.  Check it out HERE

Three down... nine to go!