June 5, 2016

Happy Birthdays May Babies and Much More

 Merry had a little lamb *chuckle*
 Ok, so this will be a very long post as I haven't posted in almost a month....
 Lambie scoping out one of the bunnies
 Every ready for battle. I really should put a sign at the end of the driveway, beware of 3 year old with sword.

 We were glad to get the stitches out and have crutches behind us.

 We had a great Morel Mushroom season.
 And the boys say,"The Lambie only seems to like the girls."  Hmmm.
 I found a tutu at St. Vincent's as the lamb jumps around and looked like she needed one. It scared the living daylights out of her as she didn't know what was chasing her. She felt safe behind Jesus.  That's a good place to feel safe.

 Yet another try at a mouse costume.  

Frodo had his band concert combined with a couple other schools.
 He had a solo/duo, very well done!

 Happy 20th Birthday to Samwise. He turned 20 while Aragorn and I were in Italy.
 Galadriel made him pound cakes... with cool whip.

 I was told by Marigold that this was their "buddy huddle".
 Happy 3rd Birthday Kili! We missed his birthday, but I won't complain as Italy is nice, too :D...
 Galdariel picked up an ice cream cake from the Mixing Bowl Bakery. They make their own ice cream and sherbet and it is SOOO good!

 Banana curls
 God baby growing by leaps and bounds!
 Our library continues to grow at a rapid rate
Someday we'll have it coded.
 Why he needed a band-aid on his nose, I have no idea. But he is obviously enjoying it.
 While we were gone, I guess Rosie stepped on a baby wild bunny, she seems to be into stepping on things.  Said bunny didn't survived so they had a funeral.
 Aren't these little fairy angel gardens adorable. We started one this year... this is not ours!
 Pippin buy helping paint set for the up-coming play.
 While we waiting for play practice to finish this adorable little puppy kept us company. SO cute!

 Yet another band concert, this time with many solo's. Frodo played "Bring Him Home" from Les Miz.

 In Italy they always served a strong liquor after meals. One was called "Limoncello". I tried to explain that we call it "pine sol" or "Mr. Clean"
 Super large poison ivy going up this tree.  Can you see the vine?  Huge.
 We have a new-to-us horse names Ol' Clare. She seems to be fitting in.

 The 2 stooges were busy taking down the solar panels to move them to a different roof.

 We stopped at a park on our way to Aragorn's brother's house.

 This is not the park, this is their playhouse. Totally awesome place!

 Happy 5th Birthday Marigold!

 Merry helped me set up the pool. We stupidly left the box with the pool in it outside this past winter. But it survived.
 I'm 5.
 Lovin' a new dress and new doll. Thanks grandma!

 Another new calf.!

 My parents came out for graduation so we took a trip up to Holy Hill. SO beautiful (even if my phone was blurry.  Note to self:  clean the camera lense.

 The discalced Carmelites run the Holy Hill Monastery.

 This is the church with the door of Mercy, seems my pictures of that did not come out.  But it was so very special to walk through those special doors.
 My pictures are out of order here. The 3 girls who came with us climbed the tower.

/ A scale model of Holy Hill
 A model of the original houses/chapels.
 The stained glass windows of the St. Therese the Little Flower chapel are completed and absolutely gorgeous telling the whole story of her life.

 Our Lady Help of Christians
 Afterwards we lunched at the Mine Shaft.
 Now 2 stoogels are putting the solar panels on the "garage roof". We still call this part of the house the garage although we never so much as put a car in it before we transformed it into a bedroom and laundry room.

 Ride a horse or a saddle....
 I'm one of those people who likes to "chase" storms. I've never actually chased one but I do take pictures of interesting skies.
 Another new calf.

 Maple syrup from Uncle Bernie's sugar bush :D
Galadriel, Eowyn and I worked at a brat stand on Memorial day.  We actually really enjoyed it.

 Frodo made this sword and shield
 I know, I took a picture of a darling wren who houses under our mailbox.

 A snapping turtle crossing the road.
 I got home from some shopping for the 2 littles telling me they had curlies in their hair. That should be "curlers"  I prompted shaved Kili's hair off! :D
 NO JOKE, there was a ton of cream on this milking. No joke.
 I love my new birthday dress.
 So Eleanor was wearing her elvish cloak and playing the part of the rock.  :D
 I went to an awesome conference with Mr. Robert Gil. See www.SeeYouInHeavenBook.com
He is the husband of Mrs. Rosie Gil who passed away in 2010. If it please God she will soon be moved to the ranks of "Servant of God"

 St. Joseph, awesome picture or what?
 The set for the play is turning out beautifully!
Check out that sleigh!!

 So Kili was playing with our outside chairs. These ones were all on fire. His, in the back ground was not on fire.
 Cement and more cement.

 Our peonies are blooming beautifully!

 Scrubbing up the tables for the graduation party.

 This is the start of our little fairy angel garden. Too cute to pass up.

 More storm clouds. A storm that never actually came.

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