April 23, 2017

Alleluia, Ducklings, the Opera and Piano Recital

 I don't know, just thought they looked like a sunflower.
 Building a duck hut

 I was making copies at the parish office and thought this was interesting.
 Does anyone (besides me) remember a ditto machine.  I actually used one in real life once when I was a teacher though at that time no one else in the world still used one.
 Let's go fly a kit, up to the highest heights...
 The lamb, Bruno, is going to be leaving us on Tuesday, I'm not sure if I'm sad or not.

 The cow in the picture thinks it's a person (the kids in the picture think they are cows... or probably actually pigs)
 A friend admiring the ducklings.

 I decided to making chickie pens out of bins. It works GREAT. The lids were cut out and mesh put in so the birds don't fly out.  I put beveled drawer liner on the bottom, so they get a good grip. We have 3 XL bins and 1 smaller bin.

 New chickies to replace the dead ones (they died because the post office left them outside while they called us and it was 30 degrees outside, seriously people)

 We went to see the dress rehearsal for the Magic Flute. It was a fun and the singing was great.  For $5 to see a full opera, what a deal!

 AND, to my thrill, they will be showing the Opera Carmen in the fall. I'm delighted. I saw that in Verona, Italy in the colleseum there when I was traveling years ago. It was fabulous. So, God Willing we'll be able to see it in the fall on November 1st.

 Unburying the Alleluia

 Hm... the Alleluia was not impressive when unburied.

 Hey, that's Fr. Z on there. He seemed to fare better than the alleluia did.
 Dying Easter eggs.  This project never gets done before Easter.

Kili had a super high fever one night, delirious, hallucinations. Guess who didn't get any sleep.  He was fine, other than tired the next day, but then that night he had the same high fever.  So I took him in to a doctor to have his ears checked thinking it was a middle ear infection.  When she checked she said he had a bead in each ear, but since it was Friday it was doubtful we could get into the Peds ENT doctor that day and we'd have to wait until Monday.  Huh?  At a very logistically difficult moment the hospital calls and said to get him in in an hour. Ok.  My bilocating skills are seriously lacking so after several calls and rearrangements I brought him in and even made it on time despite various difficulties. I get home in the middle of all this and asked if anyone knew anything about Kili putting beads in his ears, "Oh, yeah, I do remember him doing that when he was getting into Poppy's craft kit she got for Christmas." (need I say what I don't buy craft kits? They were cute the first time)  Anyway this was from CHRISTMAS time?!
 So here this nice young doctor digs in his ear for a while (as I'm taking pictures and conjuring up a blog post)... and thinking, this is a very odd birthday as it was indeed my birthday.

 Long story short, he needed my help so here ends the pictures. I had to hold Kili's head still. And out he took a bright green bead. Then, when he got to the left side it was much more embedded and much larger. So one nurse took hold of Kili's head while I took his hands, feet and legs.  Sticking a sharp object into a 3 year old's ear was not a simple task. He wailed and screamed and tried to explain in very loud words to the doctor, "You are hurting me!"  Poor doctor.  In the end, out came a "gem".

 That evening we enjoyed the Celebration of Life benefit dinner with Luxury Bingo.  We won no prizes but did try for every "vacation" package we could (with minimal buying haha)

 Then it was time for the annual piano recital at the nursing home.

 "Oh, wait, I have the wrong page"
 Take Two...

 Bilbo and Poppy were newbies at piano this year and this was their first recital. They did great, as did all the others.


 Aragorn and I went out to a Sushi bar. I just thought the wood carving was neat.
IT was the best sushi and shusimi! YUM!