April 14, 2017

Holy Thursday and Good Friday

Holy Thursday

Confiteor, Kyrie and then the Gloria with the bells!
Consecration of the Precious Blood
Procession with the Blessed Sacrament to the Altar of Repose.

Tantum Ergo
The stripping of the altar.

We have a family tradition of visiting several Altars of Repose in our area on Holy Thursday evening. This year we only went back to our parish as one place ended before we were able to get there after Mass and we wanted to get to Confession and couldn't make it to the 2nd church before their Adoration ended.

Good Friday

 Priest lies prostrate

 Reading of the Passion according to St. John

 Intercessions for all those in need of prayers

 Ecce crucem
 Behold the wood of the Cross

 Priest removes shoes to approach the Cross and venerate.

 Veneration of the Cross

 "Mass" of the Pre-sanctified Procession

Choir venerates the Cross

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