April 14, 2017

Life in town and on the farm

 'nuff said
 Male turkeys strutting and showing off in the back 50
 Ducklings enjoying a shower.

 Our chicks arrived, many died.... thanks to the post office that left them outside in their carton and then called us. It was 30 degrees.... hello??  However, they are being replaced.  In the meantime, the sturdier ones are thriving and doing great.
 The temporary chick house crashed down into the temporary duck house (neither are houses at all) and seemingly broke a leg of one duck, but he, too seems to be doing fine.
 These beautiful outdoor Fatima statues at our parish are in the process of being re-painted.  They currently just have a fresh coat of primer on them. They have lovely detail.  Prepping for the 100th anniversary of Fatima!

So, I took the girls out to try and find some Easter dresses for the oldest 4 girls which were not being found at our usual thrift shop-shopping. Unbelievable, absolutely nothing. At this shop I thought I'd browse blouses. THIS is a blouse, seriously.  I guess it was made by someone who doesn't know how to sew collars and sleeves.  Crazy.  

 In the WOMEN'S clothing we found a dress that would fit Poppy.... who is 7. Just sayin'

 The ducklings moved out of the very warm utility room. They love their new pen... lots and lots of water and lots of feed. They are growing like crazy.  I hope the weather warms up before they get use of their wings. I'm not an indoor animal type person... and now we have a baby lamb, a swarm of ducklings and a herd of chicks.  (Ok ... flocks...)
Guess who dressed himself...

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  1. Love yo ur ducklings - so adorable.

    I had to laugh at that "blouse" - hideous. I'm no fashionista, but I can only imagine who it would appeal to - and then cringe. Clothes are horrible. If it wasn't for Land's End, I might be buying scrubs.

    And, finally, that tee shirt - I want it.