May 30, 2017

Marian Artist Trading Cards

If you'd like to participate in the Artist Trading Cards they are due to be mailed tomorrow. I know nothing like my posting at the last minute, but a couple of us are still drawing at the last minute so join us! :D  Here is the link 

You can view some of the children's finished cards  HERE at Eowyn's blog.

May 28, 2017

Happy Birthdays Kili and Marigold Plus Some

 Happy FOURTH Birthday Kili!!

 He opened a card from Great Aunt Susan and said, "Wow! I got a billion dollars!"  :D

 (I know very politically incorrect....) :D

 We took Marigold and Kili out for their birthday dinner.... to an all-you-can-eat restaurant.  They got home and said, "I'm hungry."  Seriously.

 Someone will have to explain this picture to me, I cannot figure out what it is of or why they are standing in the middle of the road??

UPDATE: Upon closer inspection, this is the day some of us went to a graduation party.  We took the ferry home and as we sat waiting, a pontoon boat (in the background) had toppled over trailer and all. I was a bit late with the camera (phon-amera).  We are easily entertained by such things.

 Same working on our shelving for a plethora of sparring gear.  Figure the best place for smelly sparring gear will be across from the boys bathroom.
 The ducks are just so funny when they get their pools cleaned out.
 The lettuce in the garden is growing like crazy.
 Queen of the Popsicles

 Newly planted broccoli plants. I have decided that one can put too much manure in a garden... or not enough tilling it all through...
 One of the newly born calves.
 Some of our hard work in the February warmness has paid off. Look at those lovely Irises.

The last of the play practices.
 Just a picture for Eowyn of books on a shelf at a culver's, I think.  They had sliced the books in 1/2 in order to fit them on the narrow shelf. Our fellow book lovers will probably have heart attacks. Books should be made of paper.... not computerized (end of opinion)
 since it was 80 degrees and we were dying of heat stroke, we took out the pool and just played in it. Knowing that it would probably be 30 degrees again at night...
 And yes, that is Frodo munching on a stalk of rhubarb. (no, he didn't eat the leaves... which I heard are poisonous)

 IT doesn't take long for duck water to become very muddy... as you can see. Somehow they still come out brilliantly white.
 Another newly born calf.

Marigold on her birthday
 Cousins enjoying another tea party held with Auntie and Grandma H.

 Happy SIXTH Birthday, Marigold! Where does the time go... she is going to be in FIRST grade EEEK!!!

 Rogan the wandering Rooster in his little hut.  The creature tried to attack me. I had to give him some nice tasty morsels to make up for the kick I gave him when he scared the living daylights out of me.
 The cranes with their 2 babies.... which you probably cannot even see in the picture since they blend in so well.
 Marigold NEEDED to take some pictures.

 Since a waterer isn't the greatest for the ducks since they muddy it all up we decided we needed to make a change. I now just clean their pools every day.  They are such watery creatures. Water and dirt make mud... in case you were doubting the concept.

 This little guy has a broken ankle (is it an ankle?)  So we separated him out. I think he feels very special.  He now has a little pool of his very own. (not the throw away pan pictured).
 The banty chicks are now outside.  Last night it rained. So at 4 am I thought they might be dumb enough not to go in the little hut so I decided to go out (no, I was not awake).  Sure enough, there they were in a big heap not enjoying the rain. So I picked them up and put them in their house. Do you think they stayed?
 Anyone who views this who was in the play, you might note that the above temporary house for the bigger, wiser chicks is the oven used in the play. (Play pictures to come, eventually)
 Peacock sightings. :D

May Crowning

 The beautiful Fatima statue was crowned on Mother's day.
 Mary's "knights"
 Flower girls
 Banner Boy
 And the procession begins

 Crowning of Our Lady of Fatima at the outdoor Fatima Grotto

 Presentation of flowers to Our Blessed Mother

 Before Mass Kili ready to be Mary's little knight, complete with sword...
 The lovely florist at our local Costco made 2 beautiful crowns for the Crowning. It's it beautiful?

 Prep-work prior to Procession