May 7, 2017

Great Outdoors and Great Choir Concert

 The bigger chicks enjoyed some of the great outdoors... at least until the winter struck again... I long for them to be perpetually outdoors!

 Dandelions, what mother doesn't love them?  

 Our last days before we gave our lamb Bruno away to our friend Farmer Frannie.

 Happy Birthday to me!  Eclair cake... oh... yum...!
One set of my nieces and nephews sang a lovely serenade HERE.
Two of them will be starring in Peter Pan this summer
as Wendy and Michael!!  We are tickled!
 One of Frodo's new calves that he purchased.
 We went on a lovely walk through part of the ice age trail.  It was just gorgeous!

 Forgot to crop this, that was a hot air balloon that landed out in a field right near our old house.  I always loved hot air balloons but have never wanted to go in one, just watch them!
 Frodo's calves
 Happy Birthday to me... from the young ladies choir.  
 No joke, this is the ice age trail only a couple days after we had gone for our lovely walk. Why do they burn them off?! It's such a disgrace.  No pollution or anything....

 "Prescribed" burn. I think they need a new doctor.

 Bye bye Bruno!

 You can't see it but it was SNOWING.  No joke. Snow on April 28th.
 I just love this family at our homeschooling group!

A friend bought a 5'6" statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Aragorn and the boys are working on a carrier for the statue for our May Crowning.

My Fatima purchase; :D
Choir concert
(yes, the Blessed Sacrament was placed in repose)
1-2 graders
2-3 graders
4-5 graders
Whole group

Party afterwards

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