May 31, 2012

It's That Time of Year

 I'm in the midst of major prep work for 2012-2013.  This is the pile o' books that arrived today. I cannot believe I really ordered a book to prep for SAT's.  That's right up there with driver's ed.

Which reminds me... both Sam and Galadriel passed the "signs test".  *phew*  "Let's get some ice cream to celebrate."  This Sunday is the written test *scary*.  I know, drivers' ed on Sunday.... don't ask.

Eowyn will likely devour all those books before June is finished.  She has to read everything as soon as it comes in the house, then she can read it later "for real".

I make my own lesson planners so they can be tweaked to each child.  This year I got a little creative.  I spent hours upon hours making one for each of the oldest 8 children. (8 kids grades 1-11) So I showed them the file (soon to be made into spiral bounded bound lesson planners) and you know what they said, "They look like doctor charts."  HELLO?  Dr. Mom here! 

This year I made them in "landscape" format. For Eowyn's I made a "notes and doodles" space, just because she's a doodler... so I found out when I put together her children's choir binder haha.  Doodles, doodles everywhere.

The above is for Frodo though I'm still trying to decide whether to use MODG or OLVS for Religion.  He could probably use double the religion so perhaps he'll do both! :D

May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord
May they rest in Peace.

 The weekend was spent weeding and ... weeding.  And then we roasted Marshmallows. That's it.
 The keepers of the chocolate and marshmallows.
 "Take a picture of me eating my s'more."
 Poppy and a giant marshmallow.

 Pippin with a marshmallow gotee. 
 I'm a mess.

 The unhappy camper after she threw her marshmallow "crust" to the chickens so she wasn't getting another.  I never knew marshmallows had a crust. 
 The giant marshmallows are a bit overkill when it comes to making a s'more.  Please note Pippin is in a marshmallow induced stupor.

Frodo stalking a marshmallow.
 Eowyn and her creative way of fishing with a mass of marshmallow.
 Marigold and her first marshmallow... is that a milestone?
 Our 2 cats again had kittens.  I'm not happy with the cats as they have been using some of my gardens as giant litter boxes.  Frodo asked me where he should keep the kittens. He didn't accept my proposal to keep them in the rain barell.
 2 grays and a calico
 I thought this was so cute. She was looking up at Our Lady. How cute is that? 

 Oh yuck.  What I wonder is why they thought they should bring this thing inside to show me when a picture outside would have done much nicer.
 Marigold beyblading with the big boys.  (excuse the plethera of choir music/binders in the background, a project for this week.)

I laughed right out loud when I saw this on the camera. I didn't ask.  I didn't want to know.

May 27, 2012


Today is the Feast of Pentecost, the Birthday of the Church, the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and Our Lady. The Holy Spirit is depicted as a dove, a symbol of pure love. The Beloved Bride of Love in the Song of Songs is depicted as a dove. The Marriage of God with His Beloved Bride, Our Blessed Mother, brought about the God-made-Man, Our Lord Jesus Christ by their passional love.  Love begets love hence, the passionate love of Our Lord for souls brought us His Bride, Holy Mother Church, on this beautiful day when the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles and Our Lady in forms of tongues of Fire.  He instilled within them the Fire of His Love, a burning love for God, a burning love and desire for souls.  He gave them Gifts to spread this burning love to all those around and to build His Church.  All this, I might add by Our Blessed Mother's Fiat.  Let it be done. 

May 26, 2012

Feast of St. Philip Neri

Today is the Feast of St. Philip Neri, one of our school patron saints.  (Our homeschool's name is Sts. Philip Neri and John Vianney Academy)  There are some little reasons and some big reasons that he is one of our patrons.  For one, he is known for his cheerfulness, joy and humor.  One of our school mottos is: 

Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and makes us persevere in a good life. Therefore the servant of God ought always to be in good spirits.

A servant of God!  Through our crosses we must find our joy, keep our humor and ever be filled with cheerfulness (says the forever-big-ol'-grump :D... you see, when you pick a favorite for aspects you desire most, you truly do fine your strength is your weakness and your weakness is your strength!)  And as I was reading about him in this wee hour of the morning I discovered this lovely quote: 

Bear the cross and do not make the cross bear you.

But what is bearing a cross if we do not bear it well? Says the one who bears crosses so poorly.  But as a certain confessor is wont to say, "You aren't an angel."  Oh he got that right!  (the rest of it goes along the lines of being human but I won't digress too far here...)

St. Philip also had a heart that burned with love.  First was a heart that burned with love for God, so much so his heart swelled.  Oh to burn with such love for God!  It's so easy to get caught up in this world,with those we love, with the distractions of daily life... so if we do not strive to make the Presence of God known in every moment we will find Him forgotten, find our sole purpose neglected.  Give each moment as an act of love to Him.  Second was his great love for souls, for others.... not for self.  How can I serve you today?  Could a weak little insignificant soul like me serve you?  How can I make you happy?  How can I make you smile and laugh?

I think I've digress from the reasons I chose him as our patron.  Another little reason is that one of my all-time favortie priests, may he rest in Peace, was ordained on this date. He also had a strong devotion to St. Philip Neri and told me ever so many hilarious stories about St. Philip's wild and crazy sense of humor.  His sense of humor hid his great holiness.  Said priest had a splended sense of humor and one of my grandest memories of him was how he would laugh until he cried.

I also desired that education be a joy not a sorrow.  To learn about God's World, to grow from simple facts to the more complex, to see all from the Eyes of God with great joy and cheerfulness.  So in this I chose our uniform as red (the color of the joy of the martyrs)... and blue (the Blessed Mother's color, but also because khaki gets dirty so easily on my mud puppies hahaha)

I read part of the life of St. Philip and found so many other reasons, unbeknownst to me, that he makes a wonderful patron.  Now I just need a first class relic of him.... oh and of St. John Vianney would be nice too... for in our school. You never know.  Just this past Christmas I just wanted a relic and oddly... God is Odd.... I found one under the tree.  I do like my fancy tickled!

But alas, before I bore my 3 readers with my little delights and musings....

Sufferings are a kind of paradise to him who suffers them with patience, while they are a hell to him who has no patience.

An inner paradise.  What a lovely thought.  Of course I have no patience so.... walk with me to paradise, my friends... cuz I really need someone to hold me up!

May 24, 2012

Birthday and A Busy Day

 I'm ONE

 Double fisted popsicle eater.
 Poppy and so full of Poppy.
 I'm nearly wordless today.  It was just too busy.  I wonder how I will make it through my holy hour this evening!
 Rosie and I did first shift for planting 500 sweet potato plants right after Mass.  I don't know what we will do with 500 sweet potato plants to harvest.  I don't recall ever liking sweet potatoes.  But I guess that is just going to have to change.
 Frodo delivered our breakfast which really was just leftovers from yesterdays brunch with the priest.
 Galadriel had to bring water reinforcements as the sun was blazing hot and the black dirt just radiated heat.  We got 1/2 the plants planted but then the sun was just too high up and would wither the plants.
 It was then time for the Indian Lake Rosary walk with the homeschoolers, however only 3 families were able to make it.  It was a lovely walk up to the little chapel at the top of the hill.

 I included a couple of the group shots as well... not everyone was playing fair up there and 2 of my kids were hiding behind another one.
 And it is hard to get them all to face in the same direction! :D
 Everyone should have a Pippin and a Poppy.  Really, truly, just like everyone always tells me "Every family should have a set of twins."  Can you imagine 2 Pippins or 2 Poppies or even one of each?   I better change the subject.
 Cuteness personified

 After that I took some of them for a quick swim, just because it was hot and ever so windy. They were hoping for huge waves. 
 How cute is this?!  GOSLINGS! 
 Aren't they cute?!
 Blue Heron... I think.

And guess what I did when we got home?
Yes, planted the rest of the sweet potatoes.
And I might add that it is also this time of year... to get out the bicycle.  Once again, I remind you, I live on Mount Everest and that my legs are made of jello and I need a granny seat on my bike.  I should sleep well during my holy hour tonight.  Oh, wait, Eowyn has her sleep deprived EEG tomorrow so we all need to take shifts staying up with her tonight.  Hm.  If you could say a prayer, she is hoping for good results so that she can begin the weaning process from the medication!