May 24, 2012

Birthday and A Busy Day

 I'm ONE

 Double fisted popsicle eater.
 Poppy and so full of Poppy.
 I'm nearly wordless today.  It was just too busy.  I wonder how I will make it through my holy hour this evening!
 Rosie and I did first shift for planting 500 sweet potato plants right after Mass.  I don't know what we will do with 500 sweet potato plants to harvest.  I don't recall ever liking sweet potatoes.  But I guess that is just going to have to change.
 Frodo delivered our breakfast which really was just leftovers from yesterdays brunch with the priest.
 Galadriel had to bring water reinforcements as the sun was blazing hot and the black dirt just radiated heat.  We got 1/2 the plants planted but then the sun was just too high up and would wither the plants.
 It was then time for the Indian Lake Rosary walk with the homeschoolers, however only 3 families were able to make it.  It was a lovely walk up to the little chapel at the top of the hill.

 I included a couple of the group shots as well... not everyone was playing fair up there and 2 of my kids were hiding behind another one.
 And it is hard to get them all to face in the same direction! :D
 Everyone should have a Pippin and a Poppy.  Really, truly, just like everyone always tells me "Every family should have a set of twins."  Can you imagine 2 Pippins or 2 Poppies or even one of each?   I better change the subject.
 Cuteness personified

 After that I took some of them for a quick swim, just because it was hot and ever so windy. They were hoping for huge waves. 
 How cute is this?!  GOSLINGS! 
 Aren't they cute?!
 Blue Heron... I think.

And guess what I did when we got home?
Yes, planted the rest of the sweet potatoes.
And I might add that it is also this time of year... to get out the bicycle.  Once again, I remind you, I live on Mount Everest and that my legs are made of jello and I need a granny seat on my bike.  I should sleep well during my holy hour tonight.  Oh, wait, Eowyn has her sleep deprived EEG tomorrow so we all need to take shifts staying up with her tonight.  Hm.  If you could say a prayer, she is hoping for good results so that she can begin the weaning process from the medication! 

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  1. Sooo adorable, that little 1 yr old...and the 2 yr old...and the 4 yr old....and, and, and... (: Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family--always brings joy to my day! And I would have loved to join you on that rosary walk. Isn't May such a lovely month?