May 4, 2012

May Crowning and Bishop Mass

 May Crowning and giving of flowers to the Blessed Mother.

And if you are wondering what's up with Pippin's attire... Frodo got him ready to go, complete with a tuxedo 3 sizes too large, hair parted on the wrong side.... but at least he had a bow tie on... (!!!)  After all his quiet squirming during Mass (total ants-in-the-pants kinda kid), I could see that Frodo had very creatively over-tucked him in and rolled up Pip's attire here and there and everywhere.... Let's just say when he shook hands with the Bishop after Mass, he was rather baggy on the surface!
 Isn't the church lovely?
   She was well-honored as our beautiful Mother.
 Following, we were blessed to have our Bishop say a Mass for the Holy Family Homeschoolers.
 He gave a nice homily and gave us his 100% support, which is nice to have, coming from a Bishop and all!
 The altar boys were splendid.
 After Mass the Bishop enrolled children in the Brown Scapular.  Mine were already done down to Pippin a couple/few years ago, but one of these years we'll be at it again.
 This was a most touching moment.  The singing of the Regina Coeli.  The Bishop, priests and altar boys all turned toward the statue of Our Lady.  To see such reverence for the Mother of God is a very touching thing. 
Deo Gratias!

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