May 23, 2012

Blessing of the Fields

 The Blessing of Holy Water
 The Blessing of Fields

 The Birthday Girl

 Love the ray of light!
 While Fr. O was here, he blessed all our outdoor statues
St. Francis and St. Claire
The Blessed Mother
Sacred Heart
St. Michael
The Angels
The Cross
All I'm in need of now is St. Joseph

At the end he gave Marigold a special blessing
Then we had a little breakfast.
What a blessing to have priests
 so willing to bless us.
Thank you.


  1. I think this is wonderful. I wish this was done all over and people could see these wonderful blessings.
    I guess you will have big pumpkins this year, and fewer worries too.

  2. We had this done last year. We had very bountiful crops of corn and soybeans. The giant pumpkins is just a hobby so not sure if that counts haha

  3. I love love love having access to traditionalist priests who will do these traditional blessings.

  4. Birthday blessings, Sweet Marigold!
    We love you!