May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord
May they rest in Peace.

 The weekend was spent weeding and ... weeding.  And then we roasted Marshmallows. That's it.
 The keepers of the chocolate and marshmallows.
 "Take a picture of me eating my s'more."
 Poppy and a giant marshmallow.

 Pippin with a marshmallow gotee. 
 I'm a mess.

 The unhappy camper after she threw her marshmallow "crust" to the chickens so she wasn't getting another.  I never knew marshmallows had a crust. 
 The giant marshmallows are a bit overkill when it comes to making a s'more.  Please note Pippin is in a marshmallow induced stupor.

Frodo stalking a marshmallow.
 Eowyn and her creative way of fishing with a mass of marshmallow.
 Marigold and her first marshmallow... is that a milestone?
 Our 2 cats again had kittens.  I'm not happy with the cats as they have been using some of my gardens as giant litter boxes.  Frodo asked me where he should keep the kittens. He didn't accept my proposal to keep them in the rain barell.
 2 grays and a calico
 I thought this was so cute. She was looking up at Our Lady. How cute is that? 

 Oh yuck.  What I wonder is why they thought they should bring this thing inside to show me when a picture outside would have done much nicer.
 Marigold beyblading with the big boys.  (excuse the plethera of choir music/binders in the background, a project for this week.)

I laughed right out loud when I saw this on the camera. I didn't ask.  I didn't want to know.


  1. Hi! :) I read your blog and love it! Love your big family (we're at #7!) and love our Catholic faith too :)
    2 things: 1-LOVE the pic of your sweet lil girl crying-why are those pics so sweet!?!? haaa
    2-what is beyblading and how much $ is it? Where did you get it? I am looking into some nwe toys for my big boys-they are 8&11.
    Thanks! Go dbless, Mary@ Cheerios

  2. Beyblades are basically, in a nutshell, warring tops. You try to get your tops to out-last your opponent's top. You can alter them and try and make them stronger and better. There is this little spinner thing to make them go. I'll have to post more pictures. You can get them at places like WalMart, Target. They vary in price but probably around $10-$13 per top. You can buy accessories and a "stadium" or just use a great big bowl (family-size popcorn bowl, meaning large family size popcorn bowl).

  3. PS: Thank you so much for your kind words. They meant alot to me!

  4. When you find out what marshmallow skin is, please clue us all in!!LOL. Oh my goodness, Poppy is a hoot.

  5. The "crust" comes from a little joke of many years ago. You know how some people won't eat the crust of bread, well, my husband worked with a man who would leave the outside ring of a hamburger bun (as if a bun isn't all crust!) *chuckle*