May 31, 2012

It's That Time of Year

 I'm in the midst of major prep work for 2012-2013.  This is the pile o' books that arrived today. I cannot believe I really ordered a book to prep for SAT's.  That's right up there with driver's ed.

Which reminds me... both Sam and Galadriel passed the "signs test".  *phew*  "Let's get some ice cream to celebrate."  This Sunday is the written test *scary*.  I know, drivers' ed on Sunday.... don't ask.

Eowyn will likely devour all those books before June is finished.  She has to read everything as soon as it comes in the house, then she can read it later "for real".

I make my own lesson planners so they can be tweaked to each child.  This year I got a little creative.  I spent hours upon hours making one for each of the oldest 8 children. (8 kids grades 1-11) So I showed them the file (soon to be made into spiral bounded bound lesson planners) and you know what they said, "They look like doctor charts."  HELLO?  Dr. Mom here! 

This year I made them in "landscape" format. For Eowyn's I made a "notes and doodles" space, just because she's a doodler... so I found out when I put together her children's choir binder haha.  Doodles, doodles everywhere.

The above is for Frodo though I'm still trying to decide whether to use MODG or OLVS for Religion.  He could probably use double the religion so perhaps he'll do both! :D


  1. I don't think I'm envious, but there is a certain longing in my heart when I read this post. My "baby" will graduate from high school tomorrow and however well I did or didn't do is in the past. He didn't home school for many years, not at all these last four. I was happy that he joined me today in observing "science in action" as we watched a "daddy-long-legs" make quick work of a wasp I was trying to shoo out of the house. For once I was glad I didn't do the vacuuming that I'd planned. :-) And as I told my husband the gory details of the web wrapping, the moving closer and then away and the eating---really amazing, he said that it's incredible that some people think all that could result from evolution!

  2. Thank you for sharing your excellently designed weekly assignment sheets. I think I am going to modify them for myself!