May 20, 2012

Look Who's Walking

 Look who's walking! Marigold chose yesterday to walk across the room.  Just days shy of her 1st birthday.
 Look who's riding!  Eowyn giving Marigold a ride in the 3 wheeled bike bequeathed to Sam for his birthday from his auntie.

 The bluebirds are back... and so is at least 1 humming bird!
 Pippin's photography

 Pippin's disobedience.  "Mommy, k'iy take your picture?"  "No."  *click*
 First day swimming at our favorite spot.  And yes, if you'd like to know about that thing Bilbo is wearing.  Costco $13.89 and they are coastguard approved.
 Only my kids will dredge the lake of the seaweed, which seemed to be in abundance.

 It's that time of year again.  The kids camped out... and tramped in and out of the house all night, not to mention woke up at some ungodly hour of the morning... whatever time the birds start singing.
 Sam's birthday present... if the 3 wheeled bike wasn't enough... was a trip to a hands-on type museum with aunt/uncles.  So the rest of the photos are courtesy of the children who went.

 Flogging a dead horse. haha  kinda like trying to get my kids to do their duties.

 I want one two of these.  Can you just see my whole family in a couple of these bicycle surreys going down a bike trail somewhere? 

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