January 26, 2017

I don't do politics but....

I don't do politics but this is so hilarious; I literally laughed right out loud for a full 5 minutes and have continued to giggle on and off.

What a way with words! Way to go Trump!  *chuckle!*

Proud to be an American again! :D

Here is the whole article.

January 15, 2017

Tom Sawyer Play

 Frodo and Rosie played a part in our homeschooling group's rendition of "Tom Sawyer". Frodo played the parts: Dr. Robinson, Hooper and Bud Riverson. Rosie played the part of Mrs. Harper.

 The kids all did a great and commendable job! BRAVO!
 Injun Joe used some of her own hair to create and awesome beard and mustache.  It was really a work of art!

 Thank you, Mrs. B!!


St. Stephen Day and Onwards

 O Little Town of Bethlehem is no longer so little. Our set grows each year.
 No one could decide what we wanted to eat for our Christmas Dinner (which we moved to St. Stephen's Day). Aragorn came up with the idea of having "Roast Beast".  After doing some homework I found 2 different styles of Roast Beast (probably the original Grinch vs the more modern movie version). So I came up with this roast beast.  It's a whole chicken with extra (large) chicken wings. Mushrooms were pushed up under the skin.  I stuffed it with carrots, celery, onions, & herbs.
 They were properly dressed with fresh thyme and rosemary.
 The finished roast beast.... which, incidentally proved to be absolutely delicious (the secret being to soak it in salt water brine for at least 24 hours.)
 We had any number of dishes and desserts, some which are pictured here.

 As the week wore on, so did the woodpile so one of the jobs was to cut wood.  Typical winter project
 New Year's Eve we went to a wonder party with our good friends with the Bakery.  The above was creme di cocoa and creme di menthe which was made into grasshopper soft serve beverage.

Although we all brought something to add to the meal, we adults were treated with the most delicious appetizers and meal.  The bacon-wrapped water chestnuts with bbq sauce were amazing.

 We are really very blessed with the great friends we have .
 New Year's day we went to Aragorn's brother's house for food, fun and games.  IT was just a few days before our God daughter's birthday so there was cake.

 Since 8 of the kids are taking karate, the 2 littles wanted to join in so I found some uniforms online and Frodo is giving them some lessons.  Someday, perhaps they will join the "Tigers" at our current karate school.
 Eleanor donated a foot of her hair.  She now has a cute new haircut.  It's a great sacrifice for a 13 year old girl to give up her lovely hair.  But it'll grow back!
 A sign in Frodo's room.
 This picture hangs at the bakery, it's of Venice and if it weren't $230 but rather $2.30, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I took the picture so we could compare it to some of our photos from Venice.

 On Epiphany, in addition to having a Kings' Cake, we went over to rockin' jump to burn some energy off... and I could visit with other moms. This place has 3 hours for homeschoolers to jump and play for a very, very reasonable price.  The kids have a great time here.

 Teens and littles alike find much to do and enjoy.  Frodo, of course, likes to bounce and flip.

 What would the Christmas Season be without the old claymation "Little Drummer Boy"?
 We had a calf born!  
 Then we had a week of ice, snow, rain, and play practices for the play which was on Friday, January 13th... photos to come soon....

 In the meantime at home, the littles put on some plays. This is the scene with the White Witch in Narnia. Please note that no one was hurt as Kili drove the bears with a belt!  And Bilbo did not mind.
 Father Christmas presented gifts.
 (One might note that Kili is a leftie but he did well with the rightie shield. Ooops... forgot.

 Peter, Susan, and Lucy received their gifts from Father Christmas.
 I thought the play was over but in fact they had a battle to fight.... of course... what was I thinking?
 It is important to note that there was a bear in the battle....
 Here they are riding their horses.

 Later they did another play of "Dr. Who" and the weeping angels and of course Dalek. Marigold was Clara
 Bilbo was Dr. Who
 Poppy and Kili were weeping angels.
Merry played a dalek, with a trashcan, basket and arrow... :D