January 15, 2017

Christmas Day

 We were getting ready for Midnight Mass and waiting, waiting, waiting. I do wonder, however, about the finishing touches to their Mass outfits. (Both ended up wearing warm feetie-jammies to Mass)

 Midnight Mass was beautiful. These pictures were from my vantage point in the choir loft. We had about 1/2 hour of prelude Christmas hymns prior to Mass.

 Although we kept gifts rather simple this year, do the math and with a dozen or so + gifts from a handful of people... we have very, very, very much to be grateful for.
 Since Galadriel works one day a week as a coffee barrista, amongst other things, Aragorn thought a coffee, espresso, whippy-uppy machine would be appropriate for her.  She loves it and enjoys making drinks.  Most of us just *do* hot cocoa but it's really good fluffy hot cocoa.
 What is more fun for little girls than a plethora of doll house items?
 Aragorn got the youngest 6 each a sled which came in extremely handy for putting each one's gifts into for some kind of organization to the chaos, albeit fun chaos.
 I made these little Charlie Brown peg people for Kili (Eowyn painted snoopy and snoopy's house from a doll house set).  I don't have an overly steady hand but I enjoyed making them just the same.
 Kili spent a very long time out on his sled while we spent a long time at the window laughing.  Can't capture the comical aspect of a 3 year old on a sled on the front hill. Location funnies.

 We were too full from brunch to bother with our "big" meal since we were going to Aragorn's mom's house which always promise much to eat.  Check out that plethora of cookies, always a sure thing from Aragorn's sister who is a talented baker amongst many other talents.

 Said talented sister(-in-law and aunt) came a really enjoyable play (which kept me laughing). No one would ever guess who the narrator was.... yes, Eowyn.... of course!
 Kili was the inn keeper.

 Angels, inn keeper, Mary & Joseph (and the head of a stage hand...

 The Battle of the Witless... what else do you do with wrapping paper tubes?
 In event you wonder what angels do during their break, they put on their pink fleeces and drink lemonade.
This was merely the nibbles to keep anyone from starving before the real food broke out. I had inadvertantly forgotten to take a picture of the huge spread of foods being distracted by this really delicious buffalo cheese spread.  Ah well.... Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Love the pictures. I especially like the play pictures - since when does the inn keeper wear a newsboy hat? That's just priceless.

    1. Usually we say "If the shoe fits, wear it." but in this case, it's a hat :D