August 29, 2012


 Once again someone's... or several someones'... generosity abounds.  We were given passes to a local amusement park.  We all had a great time and came home totally sore and tired... and sun burned.

 I did not do that ride "Mad Mouse".  But I sorta wish I had... sorta.... kinda... nevermind, I'm fine living without that ride on my list of accomplishments.

 The tilt-a-whirl I did later on with Aragorn, Bilbo and Poppy. (that has nothing to do with the above picture except that it is the same ride. )

 Some liked the bumper cars alot. I went just once as they were... well... bumper cars... which really didn't thrill me but definitely was fun and ... bumper-y.  Once was enough.
 I think Galadriel's goal was to avoid hitting anyone's car at all while Eowyn was the worst driver out there... I think... at least before I saw Pippin at the wheel.

 Marigold liked the merry go round so long as she was held tightly.

 I didn't like this one at all, not liking heights and all.

 A little ride on the train.
 I didn't like this one overmuch either... not liking heights and all.  It was like a flat roller coaster way up high.  Ok... so it wasn't like a roller coaster at all but like a roller coaster car that jerked around like a roller coaster.
 View of Elearnor in the bumper boats, now those were alot of fun!  And since it was 90 degrees it was very refreshing!

 Pippin in the bumper cars.

 This was the scrambler which was so fun... or funny.  We used to call it the Merry Mixer.
 The wooden roller coaster was fun, too but I did not join the crowd who held their arms up in the air.... what is the matter with people?  I did however, hold the bar with entirely white knuckles.
 As I was saying before... Marigold liked the merry-go-round when she was held tightly but did not like the horseys otherwise. 

 The train ride was great if you wanted 20 minutes to just sit and relax and enjoy the scenery.
 The tornado or something like that.  I thought I'd just skip this one.


 There were zebras at this point but by the time we got to them they had gone into the barn. How nice.
 Then I enjoyed a game of miniature golf (we called it putt-putt golf when I was a kid) and Poppy and Marigold got in the way.  Here they are sticking their feet in the holes.

 Aragorn taking a phone break which really isn't a break at all but something that is rather frequent.

 Marigold... keeping score.    Incidentally Aragorn beat me by 6 points. To clarify, he didn't actually beat me but won the game putt-putt game haha.

 Lovingly known as the tilt and hurl.

 Eowyn, Frodo and Eleanor are the only 3 to ride the salt and pepper shakers (again, that is a name we had for this ride when I was a kid, I think it was "test pilot" here)
 The man who ran this one totally loved and enjoy his job.
 He had a particular fondness for stopping the ride at this point.

 and saying  "You can take a picture now" hahahahaha

 Marigold liked the horseys if they stood still but as soon as they started going up and down she let out a blood curdling "GAHHHHH!"
 6 hours at an amusement park is more than enough time.  Afterwards we had a picnic with pizzas and stuff.

The picture doesn't do the sunset any justice at all... never does.  I'm hoping "pink sky at night means teacher's delight"  (the children do all their schoolwork in a timely, calm fashion tomorrow)

Everyone had a great time and came home tired and cranky... always the sign of a great time!
Thank you-know-who's for your unbelievable generosity!