August 10, 2012


Here is an interesting (and very important) one from an Examination of Conscience:

Have I found a good balance between protecting my child's innocence and teaching him about the world, in an age-appropriate way, so that he is not ignorant and naive or made to feel stupid or ridiculous about himself when in the company of those who are "of the world"? Have I given him good weapons with which to fight the evils of the world while understanding and nourishing his social needs?

Pray tell.... what is that good balance to produce saints in this heathen world?!  It's a topic that makes me go nuts every day... times 11.   To stand in this world but to stand apart from it.  To be in this odd world yet to be odder still. To stand out yet remain hidden. To remain virtuous in this vicious world.  To be or not to be, that is the question (haha).    Thank God for giving us His Blessed Mother in which we can place these things in her capable hands.

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