January 31, 2016

Snow White, the Queen's Fair Daughter

 Eowyn (Narrator), Frodo (Dwarf), and Rosie (Dwarf) were casted in HFH (homeschooling group) drama production of Snow White, the Queen's Fair Daughter.
 Eowyn made her x-large size "book" for her part as narrator. It was splendid!
 The show began with the Mirror and Fredrick (an awesome brother and sister team) preparing the audience for the show. It was an exceptionally well-done way to tell people to turn off their phones and other things that make noise.
 The pictures tell the whole story, but I must say that the play was really great.  Everyone was casted perfectly and played their part exceptionally well. It was very engaging even down to the tots.  The audience laughed heartily and simply enjoyed the magnificent show! 
 As my husband said, the "Mirror" was freaky, it really looked like a head floating.  She maintained her character amazingly well.  I'd certainly have gotten the giggles.

 Young "Snow White" with the "King" and "Queen"

 "Snow White" grows to be the fairest in the land.

 The sweet "Snow White" and the very self-absorbed "Queen", made a perfect pair and maintained their characters through the entire show.
 The dwarfs were a great pack. They worked so well together and were rather comical.
 A bit before this scene Kili expressed himself, "MY BED!" Indeed, "Snow" White was sleeping in his bed.
 Rosie used her formerly long hair (it was cut yesterday) to make her mustache and beard.

 "Roland" and "Fredrick" did an awesome job with their sword fighting.
 Kili started shouting, "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"  He loves swords and fighting scenes, these two awesome lads did not disappoint him... or anyone else! I heard several great compliments on their "fighting". Frodi spent many hours carving out swords since real ones cannot be brought into a public school... gotta be "safe". He did a great job making all kinds of wooden props.

 The presentation of the lovely bodice

 "Apple Blossom" soothing the wounded prince, much to his delight.
 "Frederick", the ever helpful tutor, piping in.

 "Roland" and "Frederick" had the house roaring with laughter during this scene as "Frederick" tries to teach "Roland" how to deal with women.

 As the "Queen" leaves the apple behind, Marigold says out loud, "It's a poison apple!"  No surprise is too great for the mind of a 4 year old!

 "Snow White" in the "glass" coffin.

 Presentation of flowers to our awesome director.  Since Eowyn was the senior girl performer, she received the honor to present them.

 Director Mom and son made a great team to bring forth our best production yet.

Bravo to a magnificent cast! You all did great!  We are very blessed!