January 17, 2016

Magic Amongst Other Things

 So, I came driving in the driveway to be greeted by a fortress right across the driveway.
 No joke! One certain child said I was suppose to crash through it to break down the wall.
 Passageway complete with snow-guards!
 The blessing of a larger smaller car.

 How to park a Hummer the way it's meant to be parked... always in a good spot!
 So, my "teacher" bookshelves started to crash down so it was time to do something different... pronto.
 Being that we had 3 x-large shelving units, it meant removing many, many, many books.
 Aragorn and the boys built some very sturdy shelves... very awesome!  If you homeschool, you probably have books and bookshelf addictions, too.  You can imagine my delight.
 Tuckered out pair.

Feast of the Holy Family
Exceprt from a Sermon by St. Bernard on the Holy Family.
In Mary we praise that which places her above all others, that is, fruitfulness of offspring together with virginity. For never has it been known in this world that anyone was at the same time mother and virgin. And see of Whom she is mother. Where does your astonishment at this so wondrous dignity lead you? Is it not to this, that you may gaze in wonder yet never sufficiently revere? Is she not in your veneration, nay, in the esteem of Truth itself, raised above choirs of angels? Does not Mary address the Lord and God of all the angels as Son, saying: Son, why hast thou done so to us?

Who was subject to whom? A God to men. God, I repeat, to Whom the angels are subject: Whom principalities and powers obey: was subject to Mary; and not alone to Mary, but to Joseph also, because of Mary. Admire and revere both the one and the other, and choose which you admire the more: the most sweet condescension of the Son, or the sublime dignity of the Mother. For either am I at a loss for words: for both are wondrous. For that God should obey a woman, is humility without compare; and that a woman should have rule over God, dignity without equal. In praise of virgins is it joyfully proclaimed: that they follow the lamb withersoever he goeth. [Apoc. 14: 4] Of what praise shall you esteem her worthy who also goeth before Him?

Learn, O Man, to obey. Learn, O Earth, to be subject. Learn, O Dust, to submit. The Evangelist in speaking of thy Maker says: He was subject to them; that is, without doubt, to Mary and to Joseph. Be you ashamed, vain ashes that you are. God humbles Himself, and do you exalt yourself? God becomes subject to men, and will you, eager to lord it over men, place yourself above your Maker? O would that God might deign to make me, thinking such thoughts at times in my own mind, such answer as He made, reproving him, to His apostle: Go behind Me, Satan: because thou savorest not the things that are of God. [Mark 8: 33]
St. Bernard
 Our parish has an absolutely beautiful Nativity set.
  Our children's choir sang for the feast of the Holy Family

 We sang the Litany of the Holy Name since the month of January is dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus, "Every knee must bend!"


 Poppy wanted her picture take with her doll. Yes, she is in the process of getting her bangs to grow out :D
 Merry & Pippin charmed us all with a magic tricks show.
 Naturally Kili had to get in on the attention.

 TA- DAH!  
 The rabbit he pulled out of his "hat" is not very visible in the picture, but it was there.
 Pippin entertaining us, but mostly himself!

BRAVO boys!

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