January 31, 2016

January Doings

Marigold roller blading/skating with a helmet made of an old rubber kick ball someone cut up, seriously!
 At the bakery, twinkie batch #2 - boy, (yes, they have 2 batches of twins), made a happy birthday lego cake for Frodo.
 God baby taking a selfie
 No idea... she's 4, just a bad curly hair day.
 Poppy is getting ready for her First Holy Communion which will be in May.  Galadriel remade the veil. Incidentally, Poppy will not be wearing a turquoise shirt underneath!  She was just trying Eleanor's dress on for size.
 The 4 oldest girls and I went to a little "concert" with some new nuns now residing in our diocese. It was lovely.  The chants had their own unique style, what I would consider with a more byzantine flare.

 We had a big snowstorm, but not as big as my sisters in Virginia experienced. It was very treacherous as the snow fell like rain.

 One of our rabbits, this one being "Gandalf"
 Our pigs are getting fatter and fatter and more tasty looking every day...
 Bilbo whose snowman carries an ice gun.  It's as harmless as the gun the boy-who-I-don't-know who was suspended for making his pop tart into a gun shape HERE. SERIOUSLY!  Remember there were days when boys simply played Cowboys and Indians and had a great, harmless time doing so.
 One never knows what a 2 year old will put on while we are cleaning out the laundry room wherein lies Mount Never Rest.  What 2 year old wouldn't rejoice in wearing a tie with a rugby shirt?
 So, the Snow White play is over (pictures to follow) and the big girls accepted my suggestion they donate some of their locks to Locks of Love.  We had to wait until after the play as Rosie was using her locks to make a dwarf beard and mustache.   Anyway, I didn't think to take pictures until after I had cut Galadriel's hair. So here we have Eowyn ready to have her hair cut. She has excessively curly hair.
 Pulling it as straight as we could it was down to her waist.
 The minimum length was 10 inches. We cut 10" between the pooboos (those are pony tail holders but the name we use since Galadriel named them "pooboos" when she was a tot), so they probably had nearly a foot cut off.

 1/2 way to being cut off.

 Next was Rosie.

 Being that 2 of the girls were wearing dark shirts it is hard to see their hair but you can see their tails that were cut off.

 Marigold studying the situation with the former 3-d glasses, very intellectual.
Yesterday's fort built between wood cutting, hauling and unloading Snow White scenery into our machine shed. (the wood went into the wood shed , not the machine shed... I need to work on sentence structure here!
Kili got his bed back after it was borrowed for the play, snatched up one of the hammers from the play and was sowing seeds in his bed, "Plant, plant... plant, plant" Hey, he's 2 and has an imagination.

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