May 31, 2010

Pilgrimage to Holy Hill

I was unable to go to the Pilgrimage to Holy Hill with the Institute of Christ the King afterall but a friend of mine posted absolutely beautiful pictures, rendering me spiritually envious! Check them out!

May 29, 2010

Skillet Creek

Skillet Creek is a beautiful little swimming spot.

For the locals it is 1.3 miles behind the 'boo WalMart

And what do I do all the while they are swimming? Amuse myself by finding interesting ways to count to 10.
"Bumpy!" Apparently Bilbo calls this his bumpy swimsuit.

Frodo finds a frog. It is true if there is a bug, reptile or amphibian around he will find it. The amazing part is he actually likes it! This photo was preceeded by "Let me take a pictures but don't you dare let go of it!!!!"

Galadriel almost 6 months post brain surgery.

Shells, they found shells.....
No you can't take those....stinky.... things home!

And a crayfish. The things we mothers will put up with!

Back home we have unearthed St. Francis.
This was a before type picture. Yes, there is alot of grass in our "garden"

This is kind of an after picture.
I was told this new find is a pony cart. Our pony is up to Elearnor's neck the wheels are up to the top of her head. I am secretly hoping that a Clydesdale horse is to follow the delivery of this cart!

Why is it that pretty flowers are called invasive weeds?

Nothing In Particular

Have school will travel.... outside.
Pippin will always be Pippin.

All About Spelling, finally a spelling program I like.

No comment.

Muffin Top

The children got out the tents and spent a couple nights sleeping outside.

The slip and slide sprung a leak. Please note Merry's fashionable attire complete with polo shirt on backwards

Don't you love a crawling baby?

We are storm chasers.

You'll never believe it but you can't capture the leaves blowing in the wind.... they sort of stand still in a picture... ha...ha.

Now, for those of you who have suggested a pressure washer for Sam.... you can see here that he does bathe now and then....


We met up with a man on Craigslist whose religion is growing gigantic pumpkins. When I say religion I mean religion. One just doesn't ordinarily drive 1-1/2 hours just to get the right kind of manure....
These little tents are really miniature greenhouses.

The original mini-greenhouses we a little more fancy than the little tents that were easier to make.

These little babies were planted from seed on April 21st. This picture is May 15th

These buckets had yeast, water and corn. The idea is that this produce carbon dioxide under the tents and kept the baby plants warm on warmer weather.



The girls

This picture was about May 21st.

The man also brought over watermelon plants that are suppose to produce giant watermelons that don't taste good.

I took this one today, May 29th.

This leaf is about 14 or 15 inches wide. Once these plants produce pumpkins the story is that they grow about 30-40 pounds a day. That's like growing the size of Bilbo!