June 28, 2011

Little Tidbits

 Try as I might to reproduce this picture with the following thought, I couldn't, as it was a location funny but if you have an imagination left, use it....
During Mass:
Pippin:  Oh Mommy, look!  Marigold's chin is smiling.

 No matter how many times I told Sam "That's how I broke my arm" he insists he's unbreakable.  I sure hope the umpteen thousand gallons of milk he's drunk over the years are doing some good!  (of course I was 6 and flying down a hill but that's no matter to a mother!)
 Here is our biggest giant pumpkin vine so far.
 That is the 15 year old boy's hand, just to give you an idea of the size of the leaf.
The biggest pumpkin we've found so far is about the size of a softball.

June 25, 2011

Tertullian was a Truthful Man

I'm a quotations type gal, I love simple truths with profound meaning....  Tertullian as some real beauties.  My absolute favorite in referring to Christians is:

Look how they love one another and how they are ready to die for each other.

Other great ones....

He who lives only to benefit himself confers on the world a benefit when he dies.
(too funny!)

You are the doorway of the devil.

We are equally forbidden to wish ill, to do ill, to speak ill, to think ill of all men. The thing we must not do to an emperor, we must not do to any one else.

The Son of God was crucified: I am not ashamed--because it is shameful.

The Son of God died: it is immediately credible--because it is silly.
He was buried, and rose again: it is certain--because it is impossible.

Indeed for us murder is forbidden once and for all, so it is not permitted even to destroy what is conceived in the womb. To prohibit the birth of a child is only a faster way to murder; it makes little difference whether one destroys a life already born or prevents it from coming to birth. It is a human being, who is to be a human being, for the whole fruit is already present in the seed.

June 24, 2011


Eleanor:  Poppy, are you naughty?
Poppy:  No.
Eleanor:  Poppy, are you good?
Poppy:  No.... bad girl.

Oh... dear....

Happy Anniversary

 Happy Anniversary to us!  16 blessed years... if that is not obvious from our side-bar :)
It is also the feast of the Birth of St. John the Baptist.  One of only 3 birth-dates that are celebrated in the Church. Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother and  St. John the Baptist who was purified at the Vistitation prior to his birth. 

June 23, 2011

1 Month Old

 Marigold is 1 month old!  Birth weight was 8 pounds 12 ounces, today she is 11 pounds.  She was 20-1/2" at birth and is now 23". 
I can smile.

 I can stick out my tongue.... very lady like...
 I can make facial gestures that indicate I think you are an idiot.
 Babies are precious gifts from God.
 You can clearly see here we were robbed.  The rainbow touched the ground and there was no pot of gold. 
 A double rainbow.
 Several went to see for sure whether the pot of gold was there.  I thought perhaps that priestly blessing we got a couple weeks ago was really working great!

 TWINS!!!! YES!!! For the first time we had twin calves!  The red one is Rib Eye and the black one is Mr. T-Bone.  Both bull calves.  Aren't they cute?
 The mama
 The turklets.  (is that was a baby turkey is called?)
 Rib Eye walking
 Mr. T-Bone standing.
 Strawberry season. YUM!
 I must show off my apron.  I hope you can see very clearly that it has a Sacred Heart in the center!  Please do support a lovely home-based business Catholic Embroidery.  They have totally AWESOME missal covers. I'll show mine soon.  Just need camera and missal in the same vicinity.
 Juicing some of the strawberries.  As I type I have made 4 batches of Strawberry Jam, 1 batch of Jelly and 1 batch of Syrup.  I still have a number of batches to do but tonight is my Holy Hour so not sure I'll finish til tomorrow evening.
 Trying to get the baby to smile for a picture.... without success.
 I found these 2 pictures on the camera.... hmm... What doesn't she understand about "Don't touch the phones!"?
She was definitely up to something.  Looks to me like 21st century tattle telling..... or an evil plot.

June 21, 2011


As a teenage altar boy Padre Pio was falsely accused of something he did not do.  Later a friend asked if he (Padre Pio) ever thought of revenge:

"On the contrary. I prayed for them and I am still praying for them. At times I did mention to God, 'My Lord, if it is necessary to give them a whipping or two to convert them, please do it, as long as their souls are saved in the end."


June 20, 2011

Mail Order

You know you are addicted to mail order when WalMart sends you an email that says "We miss you"  At least someone loves me! :) 

June 19, 2011

First Bath

Prior to Marigold I had 10 babies, 8 who sucked their thumbs and 2 that refrained from such a heathen practice or so they seemed to think.  And here we have the "sign of the times" baby.  The very last of my pre-baby ideals were shattered with my 11th baby.  Here is this little dolly 'o mine sucking on a nuk (pacifier) in a vibrating baby seat and content as ever.... and she's wearing a disposable diaper!  I suppose her first solid will be a McDonalds happy meal or something.  O woe is me...

Future Hobbit

Lookie what we got from a good friend of mine!  Love it!!!

Happy Feast Day

Today is Trinity Sunday, our special Feast Day here at Trinity Acres.  Happy Feast Day to us!
Also happens to be Father's Day.  And this day exactly 17 years ago Aragorn proposed to me on the 19th on Father's Day.  We will celebrate our 16th anniversary on Friday....

June 17, 2011

I Kid You Not.....

 .....We were finishing up dinner and I looked over in perplexity at Eowyn. Here hair is quite curly and at the end of the day she has wispies all about her head but this time the sun was shining in just so putting a bit of a halo about her. She wasn't thrilled to have this picture posted but ........... :) 

..... Galadriel manages to get 2 babies napping at the same time on her bed.
 ..... "Mommy, what are these?"  Just a sign of the times. I wonder what he'd do if I showed him a record.
..... During Rosary we noticed one of our cats was perched on poor St. Francis' head!

June 15, 2011

Little Trip Up North - Part Five

 Next morning Aragorn went to work and the kids and I went down to the beach. 

 Then it was some more time at the pool

 I'd love some of these legos-on-the-wall.  Neat!

 Ok, this isn't for everyone who looks at my blog but a special picture for my WagNLoad friend :) 


Time to pick up Aragorn... neat trolley or what?