October 24, 2007

Son's Sunset

I was driving home from the store with a some of the children when the sky just burst into the most increadible beauty. I remarked to Galadriel that I wish I had my camera. Her reply "So you could put it on the blog?" Well, of course! We drove in the drive way and the rest of the gang was sitting on the porch, I roll down the window and holler to Sam to grab my camera. Grinning he said "I already did and took 2 pictures!" Ahhh... that's my boy!

Peanut Butter Kitchen Gadget

I was never a big fan of Natural Peanut Butter until I discovered Maranatha. It's so smooth and creamy and yummy. However it needs to be mixed once (then stored in the fridge) and that was one job that annoyed me (the mixing not storing in the fridge... that I can manage). I was forever getting oil all over everything. The Aragorn said to store it up-side-down, that helped but it was still a detestable job to stir it (ok, so my crosses are pretty puny)

Recently in a Lehman's catalog I discovered this nifty hand crank peanut butter stirrer by Wittmer Products. I knew it was the thing for me. However I had ordered the 16 oz size from Lehman's and I needed the #400 for the 26 oz jar which I was able to order from Wittmer Products. Need I say that Aragorn just laughed at my novelty?

October 16, 2007

Usborne Benefit e-Show

An internet friend of mine is hosting an Usborne e-show to benefit a children's shelter in her area. If you are considering some neat Usborne books, this would be a great time to help her in the cause. Any questions email Donna Marie (Usborne site owner) or Jennifer (hostess). My children love the Usborne sticker books! This would be a great time to browse for some Christmas gifts and double your purchases for children who are less fortunate.

October 14, 2007

Our Lady of Fatima 90th Anniversary

Saturday, October 13th was the 90th Anniversary of the last apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, the Miracle of the Sun.

The girls and I went down to our parish for a lovely grace-filled morning. (The men of the family unfortunately had field work.) The girls are here ready to go in their white. They were going to be four of the many girls in the Procession.

The altar boys lead the procession.

Followed by a whole slew of girls beautifully dressed in white carrying baskets with rose petals to scatter beneath the feet of the diocesian Pilgrim Virgin Statue. Here are Rosie and Eleanor.

Galadriel and Eowyn.

The lovely statue was carried behind the lovely little ladies.

Our priest and the young man who is in charge of the Altar Boys

Following the Holy Hour and Procession was a lovely Traditional Latin High Mass. The choir was lovely!

The Pilgrim Virgin Statue of the diocese.

The girls after Mass.

It really was a lovely day!

New Windmill

As we prepare for winter we are adding more to our alternative energy weirdness.

And up goes another windmill. Sam gets any number of thrills checking the amps and volts. I'm glad Daddy can take over this deparment of science!

New Playground at the Zoo

We took another jaunt to the zoo.

Recently was the "grand opening" of the new playground area. It's a bit... ummm... interesting in construction but the children had a blast.

Merry playing a baby Joey!

Galadriel and Pippin on the rope walk.

Merry enjoying himself.

Galadriel, Pippin and Eowyn.

Rosie popping out of the tube slide.

Pippin coming out of the kiddie tube slide.

We met up with cousins. I thought this picture was so cute of Pippin and his cousin staring through the fence at a chimpanzee (or some kind of monkey anyway)

The Wallaby's were a big hit. The are so funny to watch hop around. I wanted to take on home.

A pelican. I took this only because Aragorn had just gone to MN and saw a whole fleet (?) of Pelican's floating down the Mississippi.

Frodo was able to get quite close to this Parrot in the Tropical Rainforest.

You know, I always thought these flat animal things with holes for human heads were so silly but we *always* stop at each on and stick our heads in and take pictures! Here is Rosie and her cousin.

There is something so amazing about giraffes. Here is a big one and her young'un.

It wouldn't be a completed trip to the zoo without a round on the merry-go-round.

When we had finished our tour around the zoo the children were eager to go back to the playground. It was even set up for bigger children. This is Sam riding on some kind of glider type thing.

Hickory Nuts Anyone?

Sam has been harvesting hickory nuts. They are fresh from this year still in the shell. He would like $2/quart-sized bag, which is about 1 pound or so. He has been asking me quite often to put them up for sale for him! If you would like some, he'd love an order! Just email me. We can ship them too!

School Days

Of course the thing that keeps me most busy these days is homeschooling. Our days are fast-paced and full. I have not gotten many school pictures yet due to the fact of said "fast-pace". I still have to take a "first day of school" picture, I suppose we'll just call it a first semester picture. Our uniforms this year are denim with either red or yellow polos.

Sam working with an Art DVD.

Sam using a bow and arrow he made... yes, the arrow actually flies but it wouldn't harm the white stag I'm sure!

Our additions to the Home Atrium this year were a baptism set, monstrance and incensor set... and those cute little tables.

Frodo, Rosie and Eleanor working with the weather board.

Pippin was "drawing" but I thought it humorous that an 18m old was holding the pencil correctly so I grabbed the camera. (Note Pippin's outfit: He is wearing Sam's shirt.... apparently boys take much longer to tell the difference in clothing sizes. 24m or size 14.... it's apparently all relative... though I will admit I think littles in an oversized shirt is kinda cute!)


Heading down the path to our wild grapes.

We had heard one year that you wait until after the first frost. But last year when we picked them after the first frost they were all shrivelled up.

This year we just picked them when they looked ripe, frost or no frost. They are quite tart for eating purposes but made really good jelly!

Most of the grapevines were wound up through the apple trees.


Merry showing his bag of grapes.

Galadriel climbing up the tree to get to the grapes. Why are all the good grapes way up hight?

Sam looking down over the top of a lovely patch of grapes.



We were towed back on a trailer behind a tractor.

Crop of Peanut

Sam really wanted to try growing peanuts. We did 2 long rows and this is our crop of peanut (singular)!

On the other hand we did have a plethera of parsley! I learned a little tip from a lady years ago. Snip, wash and dry your parsley, place it in a ziploc bag and wrap it in tin foil and freeze. When you want fresh parsley just pull it out and chop off what you need. It tastes just like fresh!