October 14, 2007

School Days

Of course the thing that keeps me most busy these days is homeschooling. Our days are fast-paced and full. I have not gotten many school pictures yet due to the fact of said "fast-pace". I still have to take a "first day of school" picture, I suppose we'll just call it a first semester picture. Our uniforms this year are denim with either red or yellow polos.

Sam working with an Art DVD.

Sam using a bow and arrow he made... yes, the arrow actually flies but it wouldn't harm the white stag I'm sure!

Our additions to the Home Atrium this year were a baptism set, monstrance and incensor set... and those cute little tables.

Frodo, Rosie and Eleanor working with the weather board.

Pippin was "drawing" but I thought it humorous that an 18m old was holding the pencil correctly so I grabbed the camera. (Note Pippin's outfit: He is wearing Sam's shirt.... apparently boys take much longer to tell the difference in clothing sizes. 24m or size 14.... it's apparently all relative... though I will admit I think littles in an oversized shirt is kinda cute!)

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  1. Julie, My little guys wear the big boy shirts all the time. They call them 'stretchy shirts', I have no idea why! But yes, they are indeed cute! :) Your atrium is beautiful. I am just begining to put one together in our home. Hope you are feeling well! Savor these last few weeks!