April 20, 2015

Prayers for the Rogan Family

Just bumping this up...so it stays up-top of the blog for a while....

On the way to deliver their 8th baby, on April 17th, a car struck a deer which was thrown into the van of Mike and Niki Rogan (with their 7 children).  Mike did not survive the accident.

Baby #8 was born shortly after Niki arrived at the hospital.  I don't know this family personally but I guess some of my girls have met their girls at an Institute of Christ the King summer camp.  But either way, I also don't need to know them to recognize a beautiful family in need.

So first I ask that you please pray for the soul of Mike Rogan, may he be richly rewarded for being open to life in this anti-child world and for his wife who must be suffering a terrible agony in her heart as well as their children ages 15-newborn.

Also, please considering donating, if you are able, to the fund.  

When I first saw this gofundme at a mere $5000 goal I was amazed by such humility, since then, someone has graciously raised the goal so that their totaled van may be replaced and funeral expenses may be covered and, hopefully, some extra to help relieve the monetary stresses of life in a large family.   Niki is a stay-at-home mother who homeschools her children.

May God bless this family, our hearts go out to you.

April 19, 2015

Just Stuff

Here I thought Kili must have been cleaning out the mufflers or something but I guess he was just finding his happiness in the ash pan.... just that. What a grubby boy.

Oooooh... black helicopters. *chuckle*

 We've had a wide selection of eggs from tiny to duck-size... all are just chicken eggs.

 The Cranes are back!

 Our priest holding my favorite heathen.
Clarification!  This is our friend's baby!
 My favorite heathen turned Catholic!
Clarification! This is our friend's baby - Aragorn's God Daughter.

 We had 6 who belt tested.

 Mery & Pippin graduated to blue with green stripe.
 I was unable to stay for the older children's belt testing. Sam, Eoywn and Rosie graduated to blue with green stripe while Frodo graduated to green belt.

 My first robin of spring.

 Saps sapping.

 Poppy and Marigold

 This doesn't look confortable to me but apparently Marigold thought so. Bizarro.
 Naturally we see turkeys before hunting season.

 We actually had a full table of children when 6 came over for a play day, making 18 children.

 Kite flying - definitely a sign of spring.

 We took the plunge and finally decided to make those incredibly cute large size peg people.  My girls really enjoyed it... so did some of the boys.
 We used the Passion set, Easter set and Saint set from Catholic Icing. They were GREAT.

 The porkie peg person

 This lead to wanting to simply paint the whole thing themselves, Eowyn started to make some Lord of the Rings peg people.
 Aren't they cute?

 Target practice with bows.

 Pretty pious person

 This is what happens when a 15 year old boy does the toddler's hair.
 She found it rather charming.

 Love those daffodils

 We received the cutest little sheep for Easter.

 A beautiful home altar made by a member of out choir for some friends. Gorgeous!

 We had about 3+" of rain over the course of about 18 hours.

 This was our driveway. The 2nd batch of rain came while I was at our Holy Hour, the driveway was drastically changed when I came home.

 Another evening with the Ladies of Divine Mercy. This time it was a joint evening with the Knights of Divine Mercy as well as our Bishop. The first part takes place in the Church, then we have some light eats afterwards.

 Kili makes a sandwich, pretzels and bread.
Not everyone can make a pretzel sandwich! I believe he thought he was very skilled.

The grub monster seems to need a perpetual bath.  Yes, that face spells S-T-I-N-K-E-R!