September 18, 2016

Pilgrimage - Feast of the Seven Sorrows

We were privileged to help organize a Pilgrimage in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  We met at the lovely private chapel and property of Mr. Kramer. We arrived early enough for the boys to set up for the Mass and I was able to run around and take a few pictures.
 The Chapel
 Painting of St. Philomena in the Chapel
Crucifix from Bethlehem olivewood

Crucifix with Mary & John at the Foot

 These vestments belonged to Fr. Kunz! God willing he's in Heaven and these would be 3rd 2nd class relics :) May he rest in Peace.
Relics of Christian Saint’s fall into categories: the First Class Relic is the body or a portion of the body of a Saint (bone, flesh, or hair). These are considered so precious that they are rarely entrusted to individuals, but are placed in Faith Communities. The Second Class Relic is an item or piece of an item used by the Saint while on the body (clothing, Bible, Breviary, Mass vestments, and so on). Again, Second Class Relics are considered so precious that they are rarely entrusted to individuals, but are placed in Faith Communities. Third Class Relics typically fall into 2 categories. The first category is a piece of cloth touched to a First or Second Class Relic of the Saint. The second category, in cases where there is no known existing relic of a saint, the cloth has been touched to the shrine of the saint. Generally, the Third Class Relic is a piece of cloth, but it need not be, as long as the item so touched conveys Holiness and is touched with the intent that it be a Third Class Relic. Third Class Relics may be given to individuals, and may be sold.
 Some paintings inside the chapel.

 A couple of stained glass windows

 All set up for a Traditional Latin Mass.
 Gorgeous holy water font!
 Gravesite of Mrs. Kramer with space for her husband.
The inscription says "Pray for our souls"
 St. Joseph the Carpenter with Jesus
 The outdoor stations of the cross were very beautiful mosaics.

 Even the bathroom was nice.... and appreciated

 Our Lady of Grace
 A view of the largest outdoor rosary. 
 When (nearly) all had arrived, Fr. Alex gave the pilgrim's blessing (that is the blessing for pilgrims, not the Thanksgiving pilgrims...)

 First we processed down to the Rosary garden while singing a hymn to our Lady
 This is the cross they have up on their hill that they light up at night.
 Following the Rosary we processed back up the hill (which I think we Mount Everest) while saying the Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows

Next we sang a round "Laudemus Virginem"
Then began the Stations of the Cross

 Here the boys and  Father were preparing for Mass.

 Our Young Ladies' Choir sang for the High Mass.

 We concluded with a prayer to St. Michael, St. Joseph, the Holy Souls, and Our Lady of Grace, closing with the final part of the Pilgrim's blessing. It was such a beautiful Pilgrimage!

 We had about 75 of us in all

 Afterwards we enjoyed each other's company with a picnic at a local park.  After a 3 hour Pilgrimage, we enjoyed 4 hours at the park!

 This wonderful woman brought religious goods to sell.
 And here Father is blessing them.