April 22, 2019

Holy Week, Tournament, and Other Funsies

Passion Sunday
 Statues are now covered.
 Schooling outside. Finally some nice weather!

 "A" Week. Ants (mini chocolate chips) on the food.
 We went to see Dumbo. It was really well done and I found the story charming.  (Previews were beyond pathetic)

 $5 Tuesday gets free popcorn
 What did I say about finally having nice weather?!

 As the day progressed...
 Our annual outdoor Stations of the Cross on the Friday of Passion Week. This reliquary included a piece of the True Cross.

 Sitting like masters. As they wait for the in-school tournament to begin.

 Kili's form. (video below)
 Kili's weapon (video below)
 board break
 Kili won for "most energy" (hahahahaha)

 Marigold competed in forms and sparring and got 2nd.

 Poppy also did really well. But I forgot to write down what places she placed.

 Tough ring included Merry, Pippin, and Bilbo.

Palm Sunday

 Blessing of Palms
Distribution of Palms

 I can't see or hear anyone playing the piano.

 A day in the life of.... me.
 Free range chickens ... and free range pig

 We spent holy week spring cleaning including getting out the scaffolding. New lights and cleaned out light fixture means brightness.
 Not everyone has a giant monkey bars in their living room

 Have a I mentioned free range pigs? 

 Don't know what to do with a truck bed? Think no more, make a trailer.

Holy Thursday - Last Passover meal, First Mass, Institution of the Sacred Priesthood.

 Procession to the altar of repose

 Stripping of the Altars.
 Holy Hour at the altar of repose. Ours is beautiful set up, in contrast with the stripped High Altar.
 Spring cleaning all week and we got the living room like this... well, we did get it cleaned up nicely and the loft got done but it seems that it was a lot of time to accomplish very little.

Good Friday

 The priest lies prostrate on the floor in humility.
 This is the wood of the cross on which hung the Savior of the world.

 Veneration of the Cross
 Procession with the Blessed Sacrament, consecrated on Holy Thursday. Good Friday is the only day of the year we do not have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
 Holy Saturday burning of the marsh? No pollution doing that...
 Dying eggs... and hands... Not sure what the new fangled dying is but it does not include cups of colored liquid and vinegar. ?!

 Meanwhile some of the older children were hiding Easter baskets and clues. Some took a good hour or more to find their baskets.

 Baking for the post-Easter-Vigil-Social

 Writing clues and giggling...

 Gussied up for Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil.



 In the dark on Holy Saturday
 Blessing of the fire and candle

 Blessing of the Easter water

Christ has risen!
Indeed He has risen!

 Easter was also my 50th birthday. 50?! That's crazy! I was delighted to share the day with our Risen Lord!

 Spring includes bubbles and kites

 A friend who makes cakes generously made me 2 strawberry shortcakes for my Easter Birthday
 For dinner we went to Grandma's and had a great meal and a great time.

 We visited the lambies

 Dr. Poppy 
A game of Trivial Pursuit

Kili's form

Kili's weapon