May 31, 2019

Happy Birthday, Marigold, the Circus, and More

 Happy 8th birthday, Marigold! 
Still delightful and sweet as ever!

 No idea who took this one or for what reason?

 I think we know who took these ones! :D

 I was blessed with a surprise visit with a dear friend who was in the area! Overjoyed for sure!

 On Marigold's birthday the 3 stooges boys were helping the local nuns hauling wood so I took the 3 littles up to Circus World.

Tiger show is always fun to watch

Bouncy House

Poppy and Marigold took a ride on an elephant but Kili preferred to keep his feet on the ground.

Cotton Candy

Front row seats get you very close to elephants. I really enjoy the elephants!

Merry got his hand at the wheel, driving this truck around the nun's farm hauling wood. Had to get a picture since he's only 14.

Naturally others wanted a little pose.

The nuns graciously offered us a delicious lunch.

Once it got to be 60 degrees the children were dying of heat stroke. We got the pool opened up and they went right in. I, on the other hand, went in up to my ankles and was quite cooled off.
ACK! no idea!

"I want a picture with the cake!"

Common summer words, the calf is out or the cows are out. Sigh.

 Galadriel and I went up to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

 I think this should be put in every Catholic Church.
 Lighting candles

 We met up with a friend.
 My favorite picture of St. Maria Goretti.

 LOVE this statue of St. Joan of Arc! Out of my budget (boo hoo)
 The clouds were absolutely black (picture doesn't do justice).
 Kili wanted a picture with his "world's smallest pencil" (hahaha)
 Rhubarb is ripe! YUM! We made rhubarb breakfast cake, rhubarb crisp and froze 2 more quarts. Hoping to freeze some more this week if possible.

 Marigold received her Leadership uniform!
 Our priest came over to bless the farm.

On our way to the ATA District Championship!