August 30, 2014

New York Days 6, 7 and Home

 A few shots from Aragorn here.  Frodo walking through the train station.

 Everyone taking the same picture and then comparing the same picture.

 Sunday we went to a private Mass at a long time priest friend of my family.  I had known him since I was 10 years old!  (which was just a handful of years ago... just seems like a long time...)

 The chapel was incedible. He collect every station that no one wants, knowing some day someone will want them.... I was thinking, "ME!" The crucifix was incredible.

 Sam served. There was much more room than for one altar boy.
 Fr. Tom Celso invited us for lunch afterwards.
 He has a lovely array of statues, pictures and artifacts.

 He had added on the chapel to the house he grew up in. What a view from the kitchen sink!!
 Making us lunch!

 Later that day was my (extended) family's photo op.
 Mine, all mine!
 Trying out the sour apples.
 Very sour.

 My parents with all 21 grandchildren.  Nice track record for 50 years.
 My parents - 50 years!
 The ol' Sandy Beach

 The Country Club where the seagulls live.

 The photographer who is always at our photographing events and is still the sister of an old classmate of mine.  Funny how things don't change.

 Sister#3's family

 Sister#2's family

 Sister#11 and her husband.

 The party afterwards included lots of pictures and great food!

 Same said priest as above is in the center of this picture on his day off... he does wear clerics of course!

 Some lovely photos from my parent's photo album.

 My uncle, Fr. Sheehan, said the nuptial Mass.


 It was great to see long time family friends!

 Sister#1 giving the toast to a long happy marriage.
 Family album.

 The not-an-anniversary-gift-but-a-Christmas-gift.
 We had given them a lovely canvas print of Our Lady Undoer of Knots which Sister#3 had picked up in Germany.

 Cousins enjoying their last hours together.

 Our dear neighbors. We grew up with their 2 girls as best friends, had the best Saturday "Club", many happy memories!

 Back home we met the new calf.

 Always coming home to an emergency chase reminds us of our crazy life.
 Barn fire :(
 Back to working on our chicken house... and whatever else might park itself in there.  The kids refer to it as the "1/4 barn".
Kili back to his post to keep track of everyone.