August 9, 2014

New York Day 4

 Off to the library for books and a science show which was akin to "Dr. Wizard" science.

 Off to Uncle B and Aunt M's house.

 Up the drive/road that we used to sled down and snowmobile up.

 Balloon blowing fan... very entertaining.

 A beautiful simple life. It's always a joy to visit here!

 Up by the pond that was "made" by my great uncle Fr. Sheehan.



 Cousin M who came to entertain us and take the kids for horse rides.

 The onions and garlic dangle in the barn.

 Lexus... I think.
I can't quite get over it isn't "Muffin and Sparky" who were the horse and pony back in my youth.

 In the evening we visited at my Sister#2's lake house.

 And enjoyed "Friendy's" ice cream

 Whiffle ball by twilight.

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