August 1, 2014

Summer Camp - My Perspective Part II

 I had the blessed privilege to pick up all the girls from summer camp and attend the closing Solemn High Mass and ceremony.  I had tears in my eyes the whole time it was so beautiful.  I was even able to sneak into the outdoor confessional which was wonderful!  During the priest's homily he spoke about the camp as making new friends since good friendships based on virtue is the medicine of life while poor friendships based on the worldly are the poison of life.
 What looked to be a brand new huge outbuilding was converted into a chapel for the week for daily Mass.

 There was even a choir loft with 2 sets of stairs.
 Following the Solemn High Mass were awards and general good byes.

 Galadriel with the banner for her group.
Needless to say with 10 girls, myself and a week's worth of clothing and tents and supplies our van was full.  The girls had a most splendid time. What a blessing!

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