August 5, 2014

New York Day 1

 We left home about 4:15 in the morning (August 4th)... just 11 of the children and myself since Frodo and Aragorn are going to tend to the animals.... and arrived at 6 in the evening at our remote destination.  We had decided to go around Chicago and it was a time saver. And, best yet, we saw NO traffic. There was relatively no construction, just some little places they set up cones ... since there wasn't any construction but 1 of those places.

The air conditioning had gone out a couple hours into the ride so we rolled the windows down... this is nice for me as I couldn't hear anything while the children were bickering engaging in debate.
 Cleveland is always my favorite part of the trip with "dead man's curve" but it is far more interesting on the ride home so... stay tuned.  Photos are courtesy of Sam since I was driving.
 How neat is that?! (not as in neat and tidy but as in "cool" but the word "cool" isn't on my "to use" word list unless it has to do with temperature). Anyway, way, we went alongside the trailers pulling the Budweiser Clydesdale horses!  I happen to love Clydesdales.  Such big interesting animals!
 Amazing and totally a sign of the times.  Special "text stops".  Really? People are that engrossed in texting?! Says the woman who gets about 2 texts a month....
 We ran into one long construction zone and one detour for a car crash and a torrential rainstorm so we made really good timing despite (or because of) our round-about-Chicago route.
 My generous parents graciously rented a lovely place for us to stay at. I'm always thrilled with a place if greeted by some form or live wild life (vs road kill)

 Down the road a bit (that is a 5 mile bit) was a darling Country Store.
 The scenery is gorgeous, though this picture didn't do it justice as the lake doesn't show. We don't have lake access here but will find ample opportunities for lake time elsewhere.

 This is our chalet for the week.

 Kili was pleased as punch.... to be out of the car.
 Marigold testing railing safety standards.
 Such a gorgeous setting!


 I've always had a fondness for oak trees and acorns.  My (very) elderly friend when I was a youngster in Minnesota used to have us pick up acorns out of her yard and it was really one of my fondest memories. Meme and Boppy were the best!

 Eleanor and Rosie shared one room
 Galadriel and Eowyn another and I see I didn't take pictures of the basement or boys' set up so that will be done later.
 Swan towels.

 A futon for Poppy and Marigold, though Marigold decided my king sized bed was her sleeping place of choice. King sized beds are nice as you don't even know someone is on the other side of it.

 Worlds smallest portacrib but very comfortable for Kili... however we put it out with the little girls since he is used to sharing a room with them. They only fooled around all excited for about 2 hours before finally going to sleep.

 That is one mighty large bear you've got there, Bilbo!
Just content (to be out of my carseat!).
To be continued...

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  1. Beautiful location and chalet. Enjoy every minute of your pilgrimage. Our air went out on our trip to NY too so I can relate. It adds to the nostalgia, right?