September 30, 2018

Happy 20th Birthday Eowyn and other Family Things

 Hiking in the Lodi Marsh with family

 This little tree frog made friend with Bookworm.
 Happy Birthday Eowyn! It's hard to believe you are 20!!  We enjoyed dinner out at Red Robin, after all they have free refills on root beer floats.
 Eclair Cake... yum!

 We have an awesome Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. This day they were learning about baptism.

 Flowers and copywork


 My turkeys are huge! The toms come up to my waist!

 My lambs decided they like the taste of chicken feed. What a nuisance.
 Vinny is the worst so he has learned to be tied up. He doesn't seem to mind.

 Teddy is much quicker to learn. Here he is enjoying some peas.
 These would make a spectacular 4H project for someone as they are very friendly (unlike alot of lambs/sheep) Very used to people/children.  They are for sale but I haven't advertised. If interested feel free to contact me.
Dumb dog, got hit by a car. But he seems fine now.

September 9, 2018

Happy Birthday Poppy - CGS and TKD

 Happy 9th Birthday, Poppy!!!

 Bilbo, Poppy, Marigold, and Kili started classes with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  Our branch is amazing and includes both the NOM and the TLM. It is so well done I am amazed. I signed up to be the teacher's assistant for level 2/3 and already have learned so much.  Here they learned about the Good Shepherd
 The 3 older ones are in level 2/3 while Kili is in level 1. Here they learned about the Last Supper. Since I've seen this before, later it will also show the connection with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
 2 of the cousins are with them in class so that is nice, too.
 Decorating their file folders

 Working with the Mass materials. This table is about the mingling of water and wine, later, of course, to become the Body and Blood of Our Lord when a priest says the Mass.
 Working with the Liturgical calendar

 Map skills

 First the children made a list of rules for the Atrium and each child had to sign it.
Be quiet, Be gentle with things, be reverent, be kind, use time in the atrium wisely, restore your work (that is, put it away neatly and where you found it!) Another big lesson is to be patient.
 I guess someone took some pictures with my phone... hmm... I have been thoroughly enjoying Taekdwondo and joined the leadership team and then got crazy and joined the hyper team.  Or at least I'm trying it out.  I'm sitting there waiting for my children anyway so why not give it a whirl. 

I'm not very good, but it's all great fitness and fun.  It's a great end to the day. And something fun we are able to do together.