September 27, 2009


I have a few blogs that I am rather religious about visiting for the sheer enjoyment and one of them is Our Magnum Opus. Today I did my Sunday Morning Blog visits and found the Culture Gap that had me laughing so hard I thought I ought to share the joy.

September 26, 2009

Cozy Poppy

At 1-1/2 weeks Poppy got her first bath. She was unsure if this was a good thing.

She wasn't happy to get out, my how she wailed.

We joined a group of 30 families across the United States, one from Canada and one from Germany in an Activity Bag Exchange. Each family had to make 1 activity bag x 30. The one we made was a science bag to make an old fashioned sun clock. We should receive a big box of 33 activity bags by November 1st. (a few people made 2 bags)

I'm a mother who likes her babies in little sleepers and gowns but the children enjoy dressing up Poppy like she's a little dolly, well, she is a little dolly. They thought it charming to prop her up in the window sill... ???

Poppy was one of those babies who didn't open her eyes for almost 2 weeks. I never had one like this... finally she opened those baby blues. Not a chance she'll have brown eyes since we don't do brown eyes around here *waahhh*

I did want to point out that Poppy seems to be still sporting a crop of *brown* hair! Brown hair is rare in this house! Only Rosie has brown hair. So that would be #5 and #10, guess we'll have to wait again until #15 for another brownie... haha

Someone or other let the geese out for our enjoyment.

We are trying to come up with names.... any suggestions?? Mind you we have chickens that go by the name of Ketchup and Mustard, Queen, Rlicka, Ricka and Dicka, King, Gray Beard, Screech Monkey, the Fat Plump-plump (I thought those last 2 names were what I might Poppy), Gollum and so on.... We wouldn't want any repeat names....

Bilbo and the Geese

Bilbo and Pippin out to torture the geese.

We are rearranging a little around here and the boys had the job of moving items from one end of the house to the basement, the door being on the other end of the house. Sam of course came up with a "tarnal fool contraption" (Fields of Home by Ralph Moody) to get the job done. Notice Frodo in the front steering an old stroller to which was attached to a small trailer you might haul behind a lawn mower.

Sam and Merry pushed from the back and down the hill they went. Then up a little hill by the basement door.

And quickly Sam ran to the front to steer the contraption to the basement door. Clever I must say. Now if they would come up with something that would actually make money......

September 15, 2009

Whatever Ails Us

When Poppy was all of 5 days old Sam decided it was high time I got on my feet and do a jam and jelly making marathon. I on the other hand decided it was high time Sam learned to make jelly. I made most of it but he did a number of batches.
This is what we made, a couple batches were done the day before Poppy arrived the rest over this past weekend *phew*

I did finally call it quits and stuck all the plum and strawberry juice from the steam juicer in the freezer for another time.

Rather than spending $70 getting a fish dinner for 12 from the local fishfry we made our own and this was Sam's first attempt at fritters. I am *not* a fritter eater they are always flavorless and tough if you ask me (though I know you didn't ask me). But these were very good. He used my bread dough recipe. YUM!
Don't ask me! I just found this one on the camera! If I had to take a guess I'd say this is the disappearing silverware fairy.

Poppy, ooooh, isn't she scrumptious?

Not a very good picture but we'll keep her.
Another "don't ask" picture. Bilbo riding on a big stuffed "carlie"
I'm Poppy's favorite :)


I bought a book for Sam by Popular Mechanics, it was a very old book reprinted. The name escapes me but it is similar to the dangerous book for boys but without the dangerous. This was the first thing Sam "built" the balancing knives that can support a jar.

September 10, 2009

Poppy's Pictures

Welcome to this world Poppy! You will note there is a theme going through Poppy's Pictures... She entered this world screaming.... absolutely fit to be tied.
A bit stout around the middle!

I love this picture! Poppy and Poppa (haha) I think we have this one 10 times!

Plumpkins has zipped her lips for a few minutes.

The 4 proud sisters pay a visit.

Finally, a little sister for me!

Eowyn and Poppy

Poppy evened us up. 5 boys and 5 girls.

Later, Sam and Frodo paid a visit with Grandma and Grandpa.

Frodo dotes on Poppy and before he runs off to do anything he has to stop and give her a little kiss.

One of our wonderful priests pays a visit.

I normally do not include pictures with myself in them since I haven't been photogenic for about 35 years but the contrast here is just one family oddity..... So we are sitting out with Poppy enjoying a beautiful day when....

Grandpa arrives with 3 geese to add to our Farm of Misfit Animals. (think Rudolph)

Only at our house would we be welcoming a new baby and honking geese.
However geese have a redeeming quality unlike our dogs who bark at me when I come in the driveway but welcome their delivery friends with just a wag of the tail so they can get a doggie biscuit. Geese honk when they don't know someone who drives in. So around here it's "Don't trip over the dogs, but beware of survillance geese."

Rosie and Poppy.... this was Rosie just before she broke out in a grand case of Poison Ivy that only came out on her face! Poor thing.
Galadriel and Poppy.

Oh my! Looks who is screaming.

Little mother.

Poppy screaming again. See our theme song?

And again, the angel in the choir singing her royal lungs out.

Poppy was baptized by one of our wonderful priests on Our Lady's Birthday.


This week we also celebrated Eowyn's birthday and snuck in Galadriel as well since we didn't quite finish celebrating her birthday! We are always a day late and a dollar short!