September 15, 2009

Whatever Ails Us

When Poppy was all of 5 days old Sam decided it was high time I got on my feet and do a jam and jelly making marathon. I on the other hand decided it was high time Sam learned to make jelly. I made most of it but he did a number of batches.
This is what we made, a couple batches were done the day before Poppy arrived the rest over this past weekend *phew*

I did finally call it quits and stuck all the plum and strawberry juice from the steam juicer in the freezer for another time.

Rather than spending $70 getting a fish dinner for 12 from the local fishfry we made our own and this was Sam's first attempt at fritters. I am *not* a fritter eater they are always flavorless and tough if you ask me (though I know you didn't ask me). But these were very good. He used my bread dough recipe. YUM!
Don't ask me! I just found this one on the camera! If I had to take a guess I'd say this is the disappearing silverware fairy.

Poppy, ooooh, isn't she scrumptious?

Not a very good picture but we'll keep her.
Another "don't ask" picture. Bilbo riding on a big stuffed "carlie"
I'm Poppy's favorite :)


I bought a book for Sam by Popular Mechanics, it was a very old book reprinted. The name escapes me but it is similar to the dangerous book for boys but without the dangerous. This was the first thing Sam "built" the balancing knives that can support a jar.

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  1. Oh Julie, she's so adorable. Sigh. I love little babies. I know I need to keep in touch with you more, sorry I'm such a slacker.