October 15, 2017

Oh Deer and More

 Aragorn went to his car to find he had friends... cranes.
 Eleanor and Samwise' drone
 I missed the picture of the chicken who wanted to fight the drone and then ran off, it was rather comical. The chickens went into hiding.

 B week

Galadriel's first deer

 A rifle would probably have been a better choice.

 Playing in the leaves - where's waldo?

 I opened up Pippin's Latin workbox to find this scene.  I did laugh right out loud. Must have air soft guns ready at all times, even during Latin!!
 A trip to the apple orchard. They have a boat in the ground that the kids just love, I think they were playing something akin to Gilligan's Island before it landed.

  I saw a real VanGo (Van Gogh) in town! (haha)
 Our Young Ladies' Choir sang for a procession in honor of Our Lady of Fatima's 100th Anniversary of Fatima, Miracle of the Sun.
 warming up
 Durward's Glen
 Candlelight procession

 Holy Family altar

 Outdoor Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
 Afterwards we were invited to enjoy dinner

 Fun Friday with Faithfully Fraternal Friends had our first visit with our 4-H director in our county.  We weren't allowed to use "Faithfully" or "Fraternal" so we opted for "Roxbury Explorers". But we all know our *real* name!

 She ran a "skill-a-thon" for the kids to see different kinds of projects.

 Since that was October 13th, 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, we had a Pontifical High Mass.  Sam was the Mitre bearer for the bishop.  Frodo was bugia bearer, Merry and Pippin were torch bearers.
More Photos HERE.
I went with Frodo to watch the Demo team working on their stuff.  It's really a great and fun experience!  Here is a sneak preview video of a practice, still pulling it together. They will also be doing weapons (Frodo is doing Kamas), and tricking.

October 8, 2017

Corn Maze and Other Such Things

 Out hiking again with family. All love up this wee cousin! Who is growing way too fast.

 One lane bridge that was either the same size or slightly wider than the road.  Hm...

 A week.  (that is the letter A week).  Check out these adorable crafts HERE.
 That time of year again to take a trip to the American Players' Theater. One of my favorite field trips. This year we saw "Midsummer Night's Dream". It was great. Costuming wasn't my favorite but the action was awesome and I will say at times I laughed so hard I cried.


 Another favorite field trip was to Treinen Farms for their annual corn maze. This time it was a Trilobite. 

 This is a talent we have fostered.  

 Shockingly large corn shock and pumpkins in the front yard.
 Continuing to work on the car port.
 I noticed our local grocery story had chestnuts.  $12.00 for about a pound.  We tried them in Europe once, thinking these are a must have after all they are roasting on an open fire every winter. But they are not tasty at all. Aragorn thinks they taste like stale peanut butter mixed with broccoli.  Hm... thankfully my tastebuds have a foggy memory.