August 28, 2011

Lady Modesty

 Ever so many of you have emailed to ask where Lady Modesty is.  Well, there she is up in her garden. She is alive, well and as beautiful as ever.  We got together last week and it was absolutely delightful.  I have been enticing her to return to her blogging , mostly for my sake but for those fans out there as well, but me first :)
 This is her headless 15 year old, you know those boys.  But his shirt was so funny I couldnt' help beheading  him to share the t-shirt. Too funny!
Beautiful beautiful brown eyes!  (are you singing with me?)  Maybe I will get contacts and  get them in brown eyes, they do that you know. 
 We had a little bon fire and marshmallows.

Awww.... futures.

Good Bye My Friends

 If a statue that had been placed in a niche in some room could speak and was asked, 'Why are you there?' it would say, 'Because my master has put me here.'

'Why don't you move?'
'Because he wants me to remain immovable.'

 'What use are you there; what do you gain by being so?'

'It is not for my profit that I am here; it is to serve and obey the will of my master.'

'But you do not see him.'
'No, but he sees me, and takes pleasure in seeing me where he has put me.'

 'Would you not like to have movement, so that you could go nearer to him?'

'Certainly not, except when he might command me.'

'Don't you want anything, then?'
'No; for I am where my master has placed me, and his good pleasure is the unique contentment of my being.'

Those are the words of St. Francis de Sales. It just seemed fitting as we said Good Bye to our friends who are off to Spain to study.  I wish they were immoveable statues but instead are moved to where the Master Wills.

Aidos mis amigas.  Silla en espaƱa summa dia.
(that's... Good Bye my friends. See ya in spain some day. In case my spanish speaking friends weren't sure :)


 One of our wonderful priests baptized our newest niece.
 Is she beautiful or what?
Eleanor and the new niece's big sister.

August 26, 2011

TLM Propers

If you attend the TLM and particularly if you sing in the choir here is the place to go for the Propers.... thanks to my friend-the-music-whiz who shared the site with me.

Now this made my day.... of course it took til 10:45 pm for something to make my day.  But better than nothing making my day!

August 21, 2011

Just Stuff

 I wonder what bugs were before the Fall?  Surely not creepy crawly flying things of this nature.
 Marigold tries out a johnny-jump-up... or in her case a johnny-chew-bar.
 Sam can't do anything without "inventing" something. This was a... ummm... marshmallow holder roaster. (I think)

 The keeper of the chocolate...

 Glorious s'more

I don't like it when  you take pictures of me when I'm inventing something. (all the more reason for me to take your picture my dear) 

 No joke.... I found these things they called marshmallows, I think they were called stackermallows. Yes... indeed, *flat* marshmallows.  To me that took away from the entire point of roasting a marshmallow, yummy crispy outside, gooey inside.  However the "recipes" did not even make a suggestion of roasting over an open fire.  Just envision the 1.2 child family huddled around the microwave making s'mores.  Quaint.
 Mommy, this one is gooey because I licked it.

 Have you ever seen a better, more beautiful, toasted marshmallow. I don't have the patience to do that.
 Oh.. yummy, carcinogens on a stick.
 Mommy, take a picture of me putting this marshmallow on a stick.
(Pippin pokes his marshamllow into my face)
 Take two.

Eleanor using the "invention thing"
I'm sure this will make millions.  Old broken handle of a child-sized hoe......

Family at Wedding

My dad came from a family of 12 children.  These are my aunts and uncles (and my parents) and some spouses.  Some have since passed on (God rest their souls).
This is only 19 of my cousins (and my 3 sisters).  I'd have to do the math but we have somewhere around 45 or 50 first cousins.  I could not begin to guess how many "first cousins once removed"!  Yes, envision the best family reunions when we were little.  It was great to catch up at my sister's wedding this summer.

August 17, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

I'm not sure what dog days of summer really means but I guess what I mean is that here we are at the end of the summer.
 Our parish had our Family Fun Fest. Lots of children's games, a silent auction and a raffle.

 That's Sam up on the scaffolding working on the ceiling.  I'm not a heights person so I just try not to look, all I can say is my children are part monkey.
 Pippin has been party (or parlay) to 3 fat lips one on top of the other.    I never did get the full story but it is probably better that way.
 Then we spent a fun day with friends/cousins
 There were 21 children and 2 mothers.  Truly... no joke.  And we walked all over town. It was great.

 Poppy on a motor cycle wobbly thing
 Outa the way little girl!
 We visited the train museum as well

 Here is our group shot... 21 kids 15 down to 2-1/2 months.

This little guy tried to hitch a ride on the van.