August 3, 2011

New York Day 1

 My sister Bridey is getting married! She is marrying a wonderful man. I have now met him exactly once but I was impressed.  I'm not easily impressed.  But he was great.  So out of 3 sisters I met exactly 3 brothers-in-law the day before their wedding. Uncanny.  Nice couple or what?!
 We left our home at 9pm on Thursday and drove through the night.  One of those "love hate" things.  I loved it as the time flew, but it was less than ideal in only one sense. Aragorn had a long day (leaving 6am getting home 8pm) so he didn't get a chance to take a rest before we left.    All went well though.  We saw a car accident right in front of us which was a bit freakish.  This big van (the size of ours was coming along behind us, swerved over to the next late (at the toll booth) and crashed right into a car.  I'm not sure how wide open my eyes were. I hope everyone was alright... if you could spare a little prayer there must have been 5 cars who had some part in the accident.
 These pictures were taken mid-morning and as you can see Poppy is gleeful... she slept all night and got to have doritos for breakfast.  (for my health conscious friends, you may settle your heart palpitations, we also had cheese and trail mix... the doritos were Aragorn's contribution haha)
 We were just impressed by this extra long limo, the trucks to the side were also limos. 
 Here we are at our rental house. It's a perfect house for our size family.  It needs some work but it is big and has *more* beds than we even need!! Can you imagine?  I'll have to send more pictures another day as we didn't take many of the house.
 First thing first, the kids wanted to test out the lake waters.

 Mine like to swim where it is deep so off they went to deeper waters.

 By this point they were so far out I was afraid if someone had troubles (read:  was drowning) I'd never get to them so I told them they could only go so far.  But it was so shallow they were disappointed (mean mom award)

 Only my boys would decided to dredge the lake. 


 After the dress rehersal (6 of my children have something to do in the wedding)  Aragorn and I went to the rehersal dinner which took place at the restraunt where I got my first job when I was 16.  I was a dishwasher at this restraunt.  I think the problem in today's society healthwise is that people don't swap enough germs to get their immune systems up.  We used to eat the leftovers that came back. Sit down... 2 of the favorites were frog legs and liver pate.   haha 
 This is my sister Sheila, she and her husband live in Germany as her husband is a professor of philosophy. They have 3 little girls.
 This is my sister Nora, she and her husband live in VA with their 2 boys and 2 girls.
 Michael and Sheila
 Uncle "Bagel", Aunt "O'Brien" and Aunt Susan.  Lives of the parties! (read: that is plural for life of the party)
 Uncle Bob in the blue and one of my 2 cousins on my mom's side. In the back are my BIL Michael's parents and uncle.  Love their strong New Orleans accent! 
 Eric and Bridey.  Cannot wait for the wedding!

 This was really cute. Eric's brother and his wife asked questions of the bride-groom-to-be so we could all get to know them better. Things like how they met. It was really enjoyable, fun and funny to hear the stories.

Then the "Skan Town Band" played "Name that Tune"  They played little pipes... incidentally, needless to say... .this was my family...   haha  Loved it!  And it was alright that my dad confused "Here Comes the Bride" with "O Tannunbaum" *chuckle*  They also played "Happy Birthday" for my mom whose birthday is Sunday.... stay tuned for more......!

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