August 21, 2011

Just Stuff

 I wonder what bugs were before the Fall?  Surely not creepy crawly flying things of this nature.
 Marigold tries out a johnny-jump-up... or in her case a johnny-chew-bar.
 Sam can't do anything without "inventing" something. This was a... ummm... marshmallow holder roaster. (I think)

 The keeper of the chocolate...

 Glorious s'more

I don't like it when  you take pictures of me when I'm inventing something. (all the more reason for me to take your picture my dear) 

 No joke.... I found these things they called marshmallows, I think they were called stackermallows. Yes... indeed, *flat* marshmallows.  To me that took away from the entire point of roasting a marshmallow, yummy crispy outside, gooey inside.  However the "recipes" did not even make a suggestion of roasting over an open fire.  Just envision the 1.2 child family huddled around the microwave making s'mores.  Quaint.
 Mommy, this one is gooey because I licked it.

 Have you ever seen a better, more beautiful, toasted marshmallow. I don't have the patience to do that.
 Oh.. yummy, carcinogens on a stick.
 Mommy, take a picture of me putting this marshmallow on a stick.
(Pippin pokes his marshamllow into my face)
 Take two.

Eleanor using the "invention thing"
I'm sure this will make millions.  Old broken handle of a child-sized hoe......

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