August 5, 2011

New York Day 3 - Fun at the Lake

 At the stream

 A mom's work is never done.... have laundry... will travel.
 After Mass we went to my parents' for a brunch.  Danishes, Muffins....
 Fruit, Eggs, Ham & Bacon.
 Tubing behind a .... rowboat.  Not the fastest ride on the lake...
 A pleasant surprise was a classmate of my sister's when we were in college.  T's sister S was suppose to come too but duty calls.... sick kids. S was my classmate who graduated with me.  I was so disappointed but was delighted to see T!
 Babies doting on Baby
 The canoe got alot of miles on it today.

 So did the dinghy.  Ramming Speed!
 From my vantage point where I could do nothing about the situation.... except take a picture as my nephew flipped over in the tube... this time behind the motor boat... not the row boat.
 Bilbo managed to bring us a lawn chair.... after several attempts to carry it he opted for end-over-end.    I'm quite sure the bright side of my kids are from my side....!
 Any idea what kind of ducks these are?!

 Fishing for minnows.

 Not just a little sunburn.
 This is for a dear friend of mine.... you know who you are.... this is Pippin tasting a little "atomic water".  Maybe it's missing something.........!
 The girls had a secret baking event and look how happilly they are cleaning up (Bilbo is just there for effect).  If this were my house.......!

 This was my mom (and Silvanna-who-wasn't-here's) birthday dinner.  Really great subs and wraps with lots of toppings, pasta and potato salads.
 Cousin E was giving Bilbo a bit of  a talking to. They are 1 week and 1 day apart.
 Eowyn giving Cousin E a ride
 Bilbo was dubbed a night by Aunt Sheila, straight from Germany.

 Tell me she isn't scrumptious!
 The secret unveiling of the birthday cake... behind the bottles.
 The day after the wedding was my mom's birthday (and Silvanna's) and Galadriel's was the following day.
 Happy Birthday Mom!
 Once again... tell me she isn't scrumptious!

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